Councillors Against Austerity to join the People's Conference on 1st October

The political landscape has changed dramatically over the past month. The shock result of the EU referendum has seen David Cameron forced from office with George Osborne following swiftly afterwards.
Theresa May's coronation as Prime Minister without an election was followed by the axing of a number of key figures and the establishment of a Cabinet of right-wing reactionaries and political failures.
The Tories have been forced onto the back foot over austerity. Theresa May's speech on the doorstep of Downing Street claimed she wants to 'make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us'. Despite this being empty rhetoric, the new Chancellor Philip Hammond has suggested that it is right to review the pace at which the government balanced the books.
This is a testament to the anti-austerity movement. Having won the argument, the Tories are having to adopt our language to make themselves appear credible and to distance themselves from Osborne's failed project. 
We know this is a facade. Theresa May and Philip Hammond were ministers at the centre of Cameron's austerity government and all the indications are that there will be no meaningful change in direction. The NHS and Local Government and remain under threat and cuts remain at the heart of their agenda.
On Saturday 1st October 2016 we will be hosting the People's Conference in Birmingham and posing our alternative to austerity. 
**We have updated the statement to reflect changes and also to indicate support for the People's Conference and the National Demonstration on October 2nd, both in Birmingham.** 
If you support the statement please add your name and sign by following this link.
Councillors Against Austerity 
As Councillors we believe this Tory Government's ideological opposition to public services lies behind the deliberate underfunding of Local Authorities. 

Councils have faced unprecedented cuts; Local Authority grants in England have been slashed, with £12.5 billion of cuts and half a million Council workers losing their jobs since 2010. The Tories have forced through 40% cuts to Council budgets meaning that local authorities face the reality of cutting frontline services including Adult Social Care and Children's Services, leaving those that rely on them at risk. 

We believe that austerity is a political choice. We oppose all cuts from Westminster and believe Tory plans for Local Government will only make a bad situation worse. 

We call on the government to reverse cuts to council funding so we are able to provide essential services our communities rely on. Furthermore we call for an end to austerity that is seeing living standards for the majority fall. 
This is why we also support the People's Conference in Birmingham on Saturday 1st October which will discuss and debate a national strategy to fight Tory government cuts. We also support the National Demonstration called by the People's Assembly and Midlands TUC on Sunday 2nd October.'

Cllr Aaron Shotton Flintshire County Council Labour
Cllr Abi Mills Lancaster Green
Cllr Alan Gosling Rotherham Borough Council Labour
Cllr Alan McGuckin Cumbria County Council Labour
Cllr Alex Phillips Brighton & Hove City Council Green
Cllr Alice Grice Nottinghamshire County Council Labour
Cllr Amanda Brown Ashfield District Council Labour
Cllr Amanda Cartwright Kidsgrove Town Council Labour
Cllr Andrew Austin Louth Town Council Labour
Cllr Andrew Boswell Norfolk County Council Green
Cllr Andrew Cooper Kirklees Council Green
Cllr Andy Hannan Devon County Council Labour
Cllr Anna Key Liverpool Green
Cllr Anna McMullen Bristol City Council Green
Cllr Bob Price Sunderland Labour
Cllr Brian Grocock Nottingham city council Labour
Cllr Brian Steele Rotherham MBC Labour
Cllr Bryn Truscott Reigate & Banstead Borough Council Green
Cllr Carla Denyer Bristol City Council Green
Cllr Carole Jones Nottingham City Labour
Cllr Carolyn Thomas Flintshire County Council Labour
Cllr Charlie Bolton Bristol Green
Cllr Chris Furlong Rochdale Labour
Cllr Chris McFarling Forest of Dean District Council Green
Cllr Chris Spence Silverdale Parish Council Labour
Cllr Chrissie Rumsby Norfolk County Council Labour
Cllr Craig Simmons Oxford City Council Green
Cllr Dani Glazzard Bristol City Council Green
Cllr Daniella Radice Bristol City Council green
Cllr David Evans Flintshire County Council Labour
Cllr David Gibson Brighton and Hove City Council Green
Cllr David Healey Flintshire Labour
Cllr David Raby Norwich City Council Green
Cllr David Roney Flintshire County Council Independent
Cllr David Stockdale Newcastle City Council Labour
Cllr Dean Collins Derbyshire County Council Labour
Cllr Denise Carlo City of Norwich Green
Cllr Denise Elliott RMBC Labour
Cllr Dick Page Brighton & Hove City Council Green
Cllr Donald Davies North Somerset Independent
Cllr Douglas Beattie London Borough of Camden Labour
Cllr Dr Tim Jones Norwich City Council Green
Cllr Elizabeth Morgan Norfolk County Council Green
Cllr Emma Corlett Norfolk County Labour
Cllr Gary Johnston Caerphilly Labour
Cllr Gavin Lloyd Coventry Labour
Cllr Gerri Bird Cambridge Labour
Cllr Ginny Klein Nottingham Labour
Cllr Gloria Tanner Swansea City & County Labour
Cllr Graham Chapman Nottingham City Labour
Cllr Gus Hoyt Bristol City Council Green
Cllr James "Bert" Bremner Norfolk County Council Labour
Cllr James "Bert" Bremner Norwich City Council Labour
Cllr James Doyle Worthing Borough Green
Cllr Jennifer Rowlands Luton Borough Council Labour
Cllr Jim Creamer Nottinghamshire county Council Labour
Cllr John Coughlin London Borough of Lewisham Green
Cllr John Dickinson Chesterfield Borough Council Labour
Cllr John Marjoram Stroud Distrist Green
Cllr John Wilkinson Nottinghamshire County Council labour
Cllr Jonathan Essex Redhill East Green
Cllr Jonathan Perkin Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Independant
Cllr Joshua Booth Warrington Labour
Cllr Julian Roskams Malvern Hills District Council Green
Cllr Julie Brociek-Coulton Norwich City Council Labour
Cllr Julie Reid Manchester City Council Labour
Cllr Karen Allison Kirklees Green
Cllr Kate Lewis Salford Labour
Cllr Kathleen Nickson Rochdale Labour
Cllr Keith Brown Chesterfield Borough Labour
Cllr Kevin Bennett Warrington Borough Council TUSC
Cllr Kevin Cranston Stroud District Council Green
Cllr Lachlan Morrison Ashfield District Council Labour
Cllr Lawrence Brown Liverpool City Council green
Cllr Leo Littman Brighton & Hove City Council Green
Cllr Lesley Grahame Norwich Green
Cllr Lin Martin-Haugh Stevenage Borough Council Labour
Cllr Lin Patterson Bath and North East Somerset Green
Cllr Lisa-Marie Derbyshire Chesterfield Borough Council Labour
Cllr Louise Nixon Stafford Borough Labour
Cllr Lucy Howard Norwich City Council Green
Cllr Maggie Godfrey Rotherhan Labour
Cllr Margaret E Davies Rhondda Cynon Taff Labour
Cllr Mark Rivers Luton Labour
Cllr Martin Fodor Bristol Green
Cllr Martyn Rawlinson Preston Labour
Cllr Mary Stirzaker Fleetwood Labour
Cllr Matthew Brown Preston City Council Labour
Cllr Meric Apak Camden Labour
Cllr Michael Haley Watford Borough Labour
Cllr Michael Hou Essex County Council Green
Cllr Mick Bowman Newcastle City Council Labour
Cllr Mick Wall Chesterfield Borough Council Labour
Cllr Mike Pringle Notts county Labour
Cllr Mike Rowley Oxford City Council Labour
Cllr Mohammed Ibrahim Nottingham city council Labour
Cllr Naomi Fearon Fleetwood Town Council Labour
Cllr Nigel Gawthrope Cambridge City Labour
Cllr Noel Kavanagh Cambridgeshire County Council Labour
Cllr Norma Wright City of Sunderland Labour
Cllr Oliur Rahman Tower Hamlets Council Independent
Cllr Oscar Gillespie Cambridge Green
Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick Harrow Labour
Cllr Pat Cleary Wirral Green
Cllr Patrick Hacon Norfolk County Council Labour
Cllr Paul Neale Norwich City Green
Cllr Paul Shotton Flintshire Labour
Cllr Paul Stewart Sunderland Labour
Cllr Pete Lowe Dudley Labour
Cllr Peter Innes Chesterfield Borough Council Labour
Cllr Peter j Curtis Flintshire Labour
Cllr Phélim Mac Cafferty Brighton and Hove City Council Green
Cllr Phelim McCafferty Brunswick & Adelaide Green
Cllr Phil Rackley Basildon Green
Cllr Rachel lancaster Coventry Labour
Cllr Richard Alderson Bell Sunderland City Council Labour
Cllr Richard Price Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Labour
Cllr Rishi Madlani Camden Labour
Cllr Rob Telford Bristol City Council Green
Cllr Rob White Reading Green
Cllr Robert Taylor Rotherham Labour
Cllr Rose Bulfin South Normanton Parish Council Labour
Cllr Ruthi Brandt Oxford City green
Cllr Sam Coates Oxfordshire Green
Cllr Sam Hollick Oxford City Council Green
Cllr Sam Webster Nottingham city Labour
Cllr Samantha bellamy Salford Labour
Cllr Samuel Gibbons Keele Parish Council Green
Cllr Sandra Crawford Cambridge Labour
Cllr Sarah pickup Newcastle under Lyme borough council Labour
Cllr Shane Collins mendip district council Green
Cllr Shelly Darwin Ipswich Borough Labour
Cllr Sian Berry London Borough of Camden Green
Cllr Simon Bull Bournemouth Green
Cllr Stephen Clarke Bristol City Council Green
Cllr Steve Battlemuch Nottingham City Labour
Cllr Susan Murray Lewes District Council Green
Cllr Susan Press Calderdale MBC Labour
Cllr Tom Crone Liverpool City Council Green
Cllr Tom Druitt Brighton & Hove City Council Green
Cllr Tom Leimdorfer North Somerset Green
Cllr Tony Bavington Babergh District Council Labour
Cllr Tricia Gilby Derbyshire County Council Labour
Cllr Will Duckworth Dudley MBC Green
Cllr Willi Taylor City of London Labour
Cllr. Dr. Geoffrey A. Walker Sunderland City Council Labour


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  • Anthony Washington
    commented 2016-05-02 09:38:48 +0100
    Sounds simple to read! The focus on the topic is full time and really awesome at the concept. Thanks for sharing here. visit this :
  • Lisa M Fricker
    commented 2016-04-24 13:24:41 +0100
    It is not clear on here how the cllrs should sign up. I would like to write to all Southampton’s Labour Councillors and urge them to sign up to this but you need to improve the links.
  • Lisa Harris
    commented 2016-04-18 13:38:58 +0100
    A creating content is the best activity in order of great learning. Looking forward more here!
  • Cllr Tom Miller
    commented 2016-04-15 11:47:48 +0100
    I’d like to sign. Not sure how though. :-/

    Tom Miller, LB Brent
  • Sam Stopp
    commented 2016-04-15 11:23:46 +0100
    Please add my name to this.

    Cllr Sam Stopp, LB Brent.
  • Mike Dickso
    commented 2016-04-15 10:10:05 +0100
    Out of approx 20,000? Hardly overwhelming!
  • Chelsea Smith
    commented 2016-04-15 07:03:17 +0100
    There is a bigger list of those people set up, you may looked it up on [url=]wikipedia[/url].
  • Chelsea Smith
    commented 2016-04-15 07:02:32 +0100
    There is a bigger list of those people set up, you may looked it up on <a href=“”">">wikipedia</a>.
  • Paul Fleming
    commented 2016-04-15 00:03:10 +0100
    Please add my name to the list!

    Cllr Paul W Fleming, Labour, London Borough of Southwark

  • Mick Wattam
    commented 2016-04-14 22:07:07 +0100
    Can you make it possible for councillors to add their names please? The link provided does not work!
  • Ian Saville
    commented 2016-04-14 18:00:14 +0100
    Can you make it clear how councillors should sign? The link in the article just takes people back to the fromt page.
  • Zarina Bhatia
    commented 2016-04-14 16:09:26 +0100
    However, not a single Councillor from Biormingham will join the March on 16th April 2016 as yet!
  • mike roberts
    commented 2016-04-14 15:55:37 +0100
    Cllr MIke Roberts Labour Rushmoor (Aldershot)
  • mike roberts
    commented 2016-04-14 15:54:40 +0100
    Please add Cllr Mike Roberts

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