Carmarthenshire PAAA Launch

Since the Con/Dem Government came to office , the  Tory assault on working class people has continued to  gather pace.  We are witnessing our public services  being destroyed, benefits cut and wages driven down, the loss of jobs, and increasingly claimants and migrant  workers are being scapegoated for the economic mess, not the bankers and politicians who are to blame. 

Over the last two years Carmarthenshire has seen a rise in unemployment. along with the rise of workfare  and in recent days it has been announced that Carmarthenshire County Council has to make £35,000,000 cuts in spending.  With cuts this deep it is inevitable that services which act as a lifeline to many will soon be disappearing.

Many policies the government are implementing are quite blatantly an infringement of human rights such as the Bedroom Levy, (also known as the “bedroom tax”).  In Carmarthenshire, a FOI request revealed 1,988 people are affected by the bedroom tax and 358 of these are disabled, yet there is not enough social housing to downgrade to. Carmarthenshire  County Council currently only has 51 bedroom accommodations available, many of there are sheltered housing or have age restrictions.  According to Shelter, 96% people affected by the bedroom tax have no way out of the situation they find themselves in, which sees them paying 14 pounds per week for one extra bedroom, and around 25 pounds per week for two spare bedrooms.

We need make it clear, both locally and nationally, that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity movement is backed by a number of high profile figures including Tony Benn, Len McLuskey and columnist and commentator Owen Jones, the People’s Assembly is now a nationwide movement with local groups being established all over the UK. and was  set up to push the arguments against austerity and to fight for those people affected by government policies, such as disabled people, low-paid workers, the unemployed, the young, and ethnic minorities.  Ordinary people are paying for a crisis they had nothing to do with.  The People’s Assembly aims to provide a platform for ordinary people to fight back on this onslaught of cuts, and to give people a voice so they can respond to the demonisation they are currently experiencing from both politicians and the media alike.

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  • Phil Lewtas
    commented 2015-05-10 09:39:04 +0100
    The problem will now increase significantly over the next 5 years.Ordinary people will find services/benefits lacerated with the new government now given free hand to do whatever it wants.It’s time we fought back, the ordinary people in this country have suffered enough.No more.

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