Second call for the Manchester demo

Sunday 4 October / 12 p.m. / Oxford Road, Manchester M14

We still have some seats left on our affordable coach from Cambridge to the national demonstration against austerity at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, called by the Trades Union Congress and the People's Assembly. Tickets are £15 (waged, full-time), £10 (waged, part-time), or £5 (unwaged): please visit our Eventbrite page to book.

The coach will pick up passengers from the Backs on Queens' Road, just behind Queens' College, probably at 8.30 a.m. (We'll confirm the timing at both ends this week.) Let us know by e-mail if it's going to be difficult for you to get to the Backs by that time on a Sunday, and we might be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

This demonstration will be the high tide of five days of sustained protest organized by the People's Assembly (see the timetable of events now available online). Protesters are encouraged to stay in the city: the national office has organized basic accommodation in a sports centre for £2 a night, and suggested a list of hostels for those who want a little more comfort. We're happy to take passengers one way only!


We so far have to thank the Cambridge University Unite branch, the UNISON Cambridge City branch, and the Unite GPM National Publishing and Media branch for crucial donations towards the cost of the Cambridge coach. Further help would be very welcome, and we'd be grateful to anyone who could put a motion to her or his union branch: please use or adapt the text below if you like.

Model motion

Support the demonstrations against austerity in Manchester on 4 October.

This branch notes:

  • that the People's Assembly is a broad national campaign that brings together all voices against austerity, mobilizing resistance and providing support and publicity to local and national struggles;
  • that the People's Assembly and the Trades Union Congress have called for mass demonstrations against austerity at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Sunday 4 October.

This branch believes:

  • that austerity has lowered living standards and damaged public services, and that more of the same will produce the same result;
  • that a united coalition of trade unions, political and student organizations, and individuals must support and encourage joint co-ordinated actions, together building a mass movement impossible to ignore;
  • that we must demand an alternative to austerity in order to secure a just and sustainable future.

This branch resolves:

  • to affiliate to the Cambridge People's Assembly;
  • to support and mobilize for national and local People's Assembly campaigns and events and to encourage branch members to actively participate in the Cambridge group;
  • to make a donation of £100 to the Cambridge People's Assembly towards the cost of providing cheap coach transport to the demonstrations on 4 October.

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