Motion to support the Cambridge coach

As always, we want to have local trade unions well represented on our coach to Take Back Manchester on Sunday 1 October. Please feel free to adapt the model motion below and put it to your union branch!

Support the Take Back Manchester demo

This branch notes

  • that the Conservative minority government under Theresa May is committed to continued austerity, as shown by the Conservative Party's vote on 27 June to maintain the 1 per cent cap on public sector pay increases;
  • that May, who in her general election campaign had told a nurse there was 'no magic money tree' for public sector pay, had earlier promised £1 billion to the Democratic Unionist Party to secure its support in that vote and those ahead;
  • that the People's Assembly Against Austerity has called a national demonstration opposite the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Sunday 1 October, to which the Cambridge People's Assembly will provide affordable, wheelchair-accessible coach transport.

This branch believes

  • that the government is prepared to fund its own political survival but not health, homes, jobs, and education for the people;
  • that the damaging austerity policies of the last seven years must end;
  • that the 15–16 million votes for anti-austerity parties in the general election point to a popular desire for political change;
  • that to achieve such change, mass mobilizations for protest and strike action are needed alongside electoral campaigns and parliamentary work.

This branch resolves

  • to notify its members of the 1 October demonstration, to encourage them to travel with the Cambridge People's Assembly, and to send with them its union banner;
  • to call on the TUC to support the demonstration;
  • to donate to the Cambridge People's Assembly towards the cost of coach hire.

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