Solidarity with Corbyn's Labour Party

The Cambridge People's Assembly sends a message of solidarity and appreciation to the Labour Party under the anti-racist, anti-austerity leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The referendum vote that Britain should leave the European Union has opened a period of uncertainty and grave dangers, the most terrible of which is recalled by another sharp rise in racist and xenophobic street attacks (and was earlier prefigured in the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox).

At this moment people in Britain need an anti-racist, anti-austerity Labour Party struggling with them for freedom, equality, and power. No other organization in our movement has as broad an audience, or as many committed activists; no other has the capacity to carry the struggle into Parliament.* These resources are being wasted at common peril while the party has to resist an attempted coup within its parliamentary wing – in which we are glad to note that the MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner, has refused any part.

Cambridge People's Assembly

7 July 2016

* This is not meant to diminish the single-handed work of Caroline Lucas for the Green Party.

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