Save our library books

Friday 11 November / 12 midday / Central Library, Lion Yard, Cambridge CB2 3QD

As our campaign against the new library reservation charge continues (see our latest article, 'No Light'), the local writer Deborah Meyler has launched one against another of Cambridgeshire County Council's austerity measures: a major cut to our libraries' stock fund. It's begun with a popular petition, and now a demonstration and photo call outside the Central Library on Friday with Daniel Zeichner MP and Labour councillors.

The cut of £200,000 announced in the council's budget in February has been revised up to £325,000. The stock fund is used to buy all the resources libraries make available to us, including of course books. In Deborah's powerful words:

Once we shrug our shoulders at extensive cuts to the library book budget, so that only a few books can be bought, we are turning libraries into mediocre museums. Public libraries have to be replenished constantly, and fully, or they die.

We're asked to bring a favourite book to hold up for the photo.

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