People's Convention for the NHS

Saturday 11 April / 10 a.m. / Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW

The People's Convention for the NHS has called a national conference ... to unite broad layers in defence of our NHS and to bring together campaign groups, activists, health workers, trade unions, pensioners' groups and anybody concerned with the future of our NHS. We aim to build the strongest forces possible and maximum unity in the fight for our NHS.

Among many good speakers at the conference we have to mention the admirable journalist and signatory to the People's Assembly founding statement, Owen Jones (latest book The Establishment); our terrific guest of December, John Hilary (War on Want, latest book The Poverty of Capitalism), explaining why the TTIP trade deal is so dangerous; our friend Martin Booth (Stop the NHS Sell-Off in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough), speaking from experience on 'NHS Privatization: How to Fight it and Win'; and the People's Assembly's national secretary, Sam Fairbairn. Another CPA friend, Steve Sweeney, has been working hard to organize the Convention. Its supporters include Keep Our NHS Public, People's Vote for the NHS, and of course the People's Assembly alongside many others.

We're asked to register to attend this free event.

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