Cambridge Momentum campaigning meeting

Wednesday 18 November / 7.15 p.m. / Hanover and Princess Court Community Room (off Coronation Street), Cambridge CB2

Momentum is a network of people and organizations founded to continue the resounding campaign that brought Jeremy Corbyn the leadership of the Labour Party, in seeking to make our society 'fairer, more democratic, more environmentally just, and more equal'. Momentum is open equally to Labour members and non-members (including members of other parties) and has announced that it hopes to work with existing independent campaigns like ours, so we're glad to note that the Cambridge Momentum group will hold its first campaigning meeting this Wednesday.

The meeting will discuss three things:

  1. organizing a voter registration day in Cambridge to counter the Conservative government's rushed electoral reform;
  2. organizing groups to help people to avoid welfare sanctions and claim the support to which they're entitled; and
  3. making links with other local campaigns.

The venue for the meeting will be signed but it's a square, single-storey building between the Hanover Court and Princess Court flats, which are themselves between Coronation Street and Union Road.

We'll stress again that we don't endorse Labour or any political party.

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  • steve watson
    commented 2015-11-18 18:10:38 +0000
    Looking forward to coming.

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