March for homes

Saturday 14 November / 11.30 a.m. / Regent Terrace (off Parker's Piece), Cambridge CB2

Affordable housing is badly needed in Cambridge. Sale prices are well out of the reach of most workers in the city at an average of £419,000 last year, driven up not only by workers' demand as the local economy grows, but that of the global rich for homes for their student children, and – feeding on the former – that of buy-to-let landlords and even 'buy-to-leave' speculators. Rents are correspondingly high but may well afford poor accommodation. In a long-continued period of rising world inequality, we're seeing local houses and flats being pulled into global markets.

The Conservative government's Housing and Welfare Bill would make the situation worse, by extending to association housing the 'right to buy' which has devastated council housing stocks from the 1980s. Our friends in Cambridge Unite Community have called a March for Affordable Homes on Saturday, to demand the building of council houses, the introduction of rent controls, and the withdrawal of the current bill.

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