A letter to whom it may concern

To Whom it May Concern,

You may be unemployed or underemployed; you may be a dedicated nurse, firefighter, or teacher who is sick of seeing public services undermined and their workers vilified; you may be disabled and have met with suspicion instead of support; you may be a migrant who is tired of being demonized; or you may simply be a citizen who cannot live happily in a sea of misery. Whoever you may be, you have no reason to be happy that the Conservatives were returned to power. Austerity will cut deeper and the tide of misery rise.

Like you, we cannot accept the contradictory claim that poverty and 'the economy' can rise together. One in five people in Britain now officially live below the poverty line. If ordinary people are getting poorer, who is getting richer? We recall that the thousand wealthiest people in Britain doubled their wealth under the previous Conservative-led government. Austerity has failed, and its failure will not be spun into success forever.

Those who carry ideas for a better society must come forward to rally against the enterprise of social disintegration. There are many more like you. We call upon you to join scores of them – members of the Cambridge People's Assembly and other community and student groups – to demonstrate against austerity in Market Square on Saturday 30 May. We call upon you again to join tens of thousands of them in London on Saturday 20 June.

Yours in solidarity,

The People


Cambridge People's Assembly

Cambridge and District Trades Council

Cambridge Keep Our NHS Public

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