Minutes of the June CPA meeting

There follow the minutes of our June meeting. Our next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday 4 July at 7.30 p.m., at the wheelchair-accessible River Lane Centre, River Lane, Cambridge CB5 8HP.

Cambridge People's Assembly, 6 June 2018

  1. Agreement of the agenda
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes and matters arising
  4. Secretary's report
  5. Treasurer's report
  6. Election of new secretary and treasurer
  7. Report on Strawberry Fair
  8. Coach to NHS 70
  9. General Data Protection Requirement
  10. Other business
  11. Next meeting

Present: Hilary, Jane, Jamie, Jenny, Faraz, Martin, Nicki, Richard

1. Agreement of the agenda

Yes, but also add 38 Degrees conversation.

2. Apologies

Dan, Neil

3. Minutes and matters arising

Strawberry Fair went ahead as intended – to be discussed. Richard did not circulate a notice for NHS 70 demo as intended and still needs to do this.

4. Secretary's report

252 to mailing list (up from 250), 982 Twitter followers (same) and 631 Facebook (down from 636).

5. Treasurer's report

£410.95 total funds. Income £21 from last meeting's collection, £9 donation from supporter, £50 in coach ticket revenue. Expenditure £10 on Strawberry Fair and £3.01 in PayPal fees.

6. Election of new secretary and treasurer


Secretary's roles include mailing, keeping up to do with FB/Twitter/mailing list figures, minutes of meetings, updating blog and other admin tasks. Suggestion is that we break this up into smaller individual jobs, as follows:

  • Check the outlook email account and liaise with other organisations: Nicki (might ask Neil for help if he doesn't mind)
  • Take minutes, and draft the agenda and circulate it along with the previous minutes: Hilary suggests that we use a template for the agenda, with updates from individuals added by emailing round. Richard has offered to print copies for each meeting. The template for the agenda will be: (1) Agreement of agenda (2) Apologies (3) Minutes and matters arising (4) Secretary's report (5) Treasurer's report (6) Election of new roles if necessary (7) Report of recent events if necessary (8+) added by individuals
  • Nicki will send round the agenda and the minutes. Different people each month will take the minutes and send them to Nicki
  • Give an update on the mailing list, Facebook and Twitter numbers. Nicki has offered to do this
  • Write or edit material for the blog – Neil will continue to write for the blog
  • For the purposes of bank accounts/admin, Nicki will be "officially" the secretary, but will not be responsible for all the role
  • Attending and speaking at events: will be decided as-and-when

Jenny has volunteered to take on the treasurer role (with help from other members) temporarily until Jamie is back, at which point Jamie will take over.


Officially, our roles are: secretary = Nicki, treasurer = Jenny, chair = Richard, plus 4th signatory in Hilary. At a later date, we need to work out what ID etc (and constitution) is needed in order to set up the new account.

7. Report on Strawberry Fair

  • Approx 200 leaflets delivered – remaining leaflets need to be distibuted at later events (see AOB later on in minutes)
  • Some visitors to stall said they would look at the Eventbrite page about the NHS event
  • We had a few signups to the mailing list (GDPR compliant) (this has been given to Neil to add their names)
  • Jane reported that the sticker board was very successful and should be used again at future events – it opened up discussions and then set a good scene for handing out further literature.
  • Thoughts for next year: put more on the stall for people to look at, along with a sign saying "help yourself to these stickers". Have stickers to give out for free to people. Also considering balloons, but people feel these are too much trouble. Also badges.
  • All volunteers said that they enjoyed being alongside NHS/SWP/Momentum stall as it felt very supportive and visitors to one stall then went to another.

8. Coach to NHS 70

  • Currently there are 9 (+1/2 from CPA) people signed up (47 seats available)
  • Hilary is going to speak to KONP secretary so that she can distribute the link to Eventbrite page.
  • Someone needs to speak to Parkrun who are holding a celebratory Parkrun event in Cambridge. Nicki has volunteered to post a reply to this event advertising our event alongside it.
  • Jamie suggested boosting our FB post, but Nicki said that in the past this has not been very successful. It's likely to be over £20, and might only get 1 or 2 new followers, which isn't worth it. Agreed that we'll keep it as a back-up in case the coach doesn't get filled at all.
  • Jamie will ask the Momentum secretary if they can send a newsletter out
  • Nicki will ask the Labour Party
  • Martin will ask Unison (although they may have their own coach)
  • Nicki will ask Unite Cambridge and Unite Community
  • Jamie will publicise at the South East Cambs AGM on Sunday 10th in Ely.
  • Nicki will tweet on Cambrige 105 Twitter page so that they read it out in their breakfast show (liaise with Jane if necessary)
  • Handing out leaflets outside Addenbrooke's can often be quite effective, especially this time since it will be directly relevant (NHS). Richard advises 8am to catch staff. Richard, Jamie and Hilary have agreed to go 8-9am on Tuesday 12th.
  • Jane has volunteered to write a few sentences to send to Rebel Arts Radio to publicise the NHS demo – she will email it to Nicki who will then send it out from CPA.

9. General Data Protection Requirement

We are all agreed that our opt-out scheme is fine. However, Nicki thinks we need a privacy policy. Richard has explained that the main purpose of GDPR is to ensure we are not sharing our data with other parties, which we are definitely not doing. Nicki is going to use the agreed text from the Google Doc which Jamie is going to forward to her.

10. Other business

True/false leaflet discussion

Where have we got to with this? Jamie summarised the email discussion where there was some debate about whether the true/false leaflet should be used: Neil was uncomfortable with the content that was being promoted. We decided not to use it for Strawberry Fair and that it should be discussed first.

CPA had an event where Ha-Joon Chang spoke about austerity. Richard feels that it is good to talk about actual economic theory. Neil said (in the email chain) that we need to be careful aligning ourselves with one particular theory.

Faraz said that we can come at it from more than one angle and present a range of viewpoints, e.g. "national economics is not the same as family economics" but then also "if it was like family economics, it could be compared to spending more on one child than others".

Everyone agrees that we need a leaflet of some kind. The question is, are we going to use the true/false leaflet as it is, an adapted version, or something different?

Nicki commented that we need something that can be understood by everyone (i.e. plain language).

Jenny suggests that we continue the debate from where we got to, now that we don't have the time pressure of Strawberry Fair. We have all agreed to do this. Jane has volunteered to start a new thread to reopen the discussion.

38 Degrees

38 Degrees have launched an official campaign, with an online survey/petition and gathering people together, in favour of a hypothecated tax. Nicki is planning to join in a meeting to see Daniel Zeichner (not heard whether she has a place yet). We have all agreed that we are against the proposal of hypothecated tax and are frustrated by the whole thing. Concerned by leading questions and by failure of campaign to consider the option that actually there is enough money, and we don't need to campaign for more tax. Also the new tax that is being campaigned for does not appear to be progressive, but more of a blanket tax.

No-one is sure what Daniel Zeichner's position would be, but it is against Labour Party policy so presumably he would be against it.

No-one knows why 38 Degrees have got involved in this, and gone down this route. We think they probably just do not understand how funding works.

We have all agreed that we should email Daniel Zeichner and say that we disagree with what 38 Degrees are doing.

Stand Up to Racism Trump demo, Thurs 12th July

Martin handed out flyers to promote this event. There is a London event and also a Cambridge event.

Arbury Carnival on Saturday

Martin has agreed to take leaflets along to the Abbey Carnival around 2pm. He is taking the "Perfect Storm" and "NHS 70" demo leaflets.

Leaflets in libraries

Jamie has offered to put some "Perfect Storm" leaflets in the Cambridge Library.

11. Next meeting

4th July

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