Minutes of the July CPA meeting

There follow the minutes of our July meeting. Our next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday 1 August at 7.30pm, at the wheelchair-accessible River Lane Centre, River Lane, Cambridge CB5 8HP.

Cambridge People's Assembly, 4 July 2018

7.30–9pm, River Lane Centre

  1. Minutes of last meeting
  2. Secretary's report
  3. Treasurer's report
  4. Report from the NHS anniversary demonstration and celebration
  5. Future activities
  6. Next meeting

Attendees: Dan, Faraz, Hilary, Jenny and Martin

Apologies: Jamie, Jane, Neil, Nicki and Richard

1. Minutes of last meeting

Approved and with no matters arising.

2. Secretary's report

  • Mailing list 249 (down 3)
  • Twitter followers 978 (down 4)
  • Facebook followers 640 (up 9)
  • 9 new page likes, reach 375 (up 25), 258 engagements (up 279%), 84 video views, 137 page views (up 104). NHS event reached 285 with 21 responses.

The coach to London was unfortunately cancelled. All those who booked have been informed and refunded. Our PayPal account has £17.48 remaining.

Email received from CHS re: booking for the next 3 months – these dates were approved.

3. Treasurer's report

We have agreed to open a new account with Metro Bank with the following 3 officers and 1 additional signatory who will be authorised to operate the account:

  • Secretary - Nicki
  • Chair - Richard
  • Treasurer - Jenny
  • CPA member - Hilary

The signatures of two out of these four people will be required to withdraw money from the account.

Minutes from tonight's meeting must be signed by twofficers to be taken along to Metro Bank upon opening the new account. Officers will arrange asap.

4. Report from the NHS anniversary demonstration and celebration in Central London on Saturday 30 June, organised by the People's Assembly and Health Campaigns Together

The crowd was smaller than expected. Despite that, there were thousands there and the crowd were loud and vibrant. The march dispersed quite quickly and so the rally was comparatively small but this may have been due to the heat and need to keep hydrated. There were prominent politicians in attendance, performance artists and music from each decade of the NHS's existence. There was good publicity from the Daily Mirror and there were several news agencies and camera crews in attendance also.

There were many lead campaigners, union leaders and the TUC General Secretary present, in addition to Jon Ashworth, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Jon Ashworth spoke passionately about renationalising the NHS, via a Labour NHS Bill, which is being presented as a Private Member's Bill on Wednesday 11 July.

A point of discussion for next meeting might be options on travel to demos rather than booking coaches.

5. Future activities

We discussed what we should do with the leaflets left from Strawberry Fair. Clearly we keep some for stalls but should we target others door to door? Add to next meeting agenda and discussion group.

We talked briefly about NHS campaigning successes, as mentioned by speakers at the demo and at the TUC conference. Add to agenda possibility for a positive newsletter to encourage regional activism here in Cambridgeshire. Share the good news about saved A&Es – it can be done!

6. Next meeting

1st August 7.30pm at the River Lane Centre

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