For fast food rights

The Cambridge People's Assembly Against Austerity sends a message of solidarity to the McDonald's workers in our city and in Crayford taking strike action as members of the Baking, Food, and Allied Workers' Union on Monday 4 September. Forty people have organized to stand up for workers' interests against a multinational corporation: their bravery, judgement, and careful preparation have already been rewarded with a 95.7 per cent vote for strike action and immediate concessions from the employer. We stand by the McDonald's workers as they demand action against management bullying, a £10 hourly wage, union rights, and guaranteed working hours.

The McDonald's workers' campaign for fast food rights follows the explosion in the USA of the Fight For $15 campaign, at the same time that it's a beacon for struggle in Britain. One of the developments that has marked the austerity period from 2010 is a sustained attack on working conditions, with the Cameron–Osborne governments tacitly supporting a push by employers to extend insecure zero-hours contracts, and directly stripping workers of legal means to organize and defend themselves with the repressive Trade Union Act 2016. The McDonald's strike opens a vital struggle in fast food, and leads the way for workers elsewhere.

Cambridge People's Assembly

1 September 2017

Hilary later read an adaptation of the text above at the McDonald's strikers' picket line.

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