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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a major threat to democracy, public services, health and safety, privacy and the environment – no less! It is essential that citizens put pressure on elected officials to oppose TTIP. Following in the footsteps of Southampton, Oxford and other British cities, citizens of Cambridge are petitioning the City Council to pass a motion against TTIP.

For a detailed analysis of TTIP and a survey of the existing forms of resistance you can support, please read John Hilary's brochure.


The signatories of this petition believe that TTIP:

1. Is undemocratic in its inception: it is negotiated behind closed doors by unelected bureaucrats advised by lobbyists speaking on behalf of private interests;

2. Is detrimental to public health and safety: it will lead to a lowering of food and environmental standards to the lowest common denominator between the EU and the US;

3. Will damage the environment by undermining key European regulations, based upon the precautionary principle, forbidding the use of hazardous chemical substances. TTIP will also make the adoption of new regulation extremely difficult.

4. Poses a major and prolonged threat to jobs: whilst state officials claim that TTIP will boost trade and employment, the European Commission itself anticipates "prolonged and substantial" dislocation to European workers;

5. Endangers public services such as health, education and water by opening them to private funds. TTIP would also make it impossible to reverse privatizations.

6. Puts personal privacy at risk: the intellectual property rights chapter of TTIP contains provisions on copyright patterns and trademarks, with a view to strengthen corporate control over knowledge at the expense of public access by such institutions as schools, libraries and distance education.

7. Empowers international corporations above states by enabling the former to sue the latter before private arbitration courts (ISDS) for any loss in profits presumably caused by new legislation. Such mechanisms have already enabled Veolia to sue Egypt for raising the minimum wage.

We conclude that TTIP, undemocratic in its inception, is anti-democratic in its aims and threatens the capacity of elected governments to act for the common good as defined by the democratic will of citizens.

The signatories of this petition ask the Cambridge City Council to:

1. Pass a motion endorsing all the above points;

2. Write to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills and formally express their opposition to TTIP;

3. Invite all borough/district councils, as well as County Councils Network and Local Government Associations in Cambridgeshire to do the same;

4. Respond to the European Ombudsman Own-Initiative Inquiry on Transparency in TTIP, and any future similar public inquiry, outlining the above threats to this Council's ability to work towards the good of Cambridge’s communities on social, environmental, ethical and economic matters.

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    This is great! I’m so glad we’re trying to do something against this.
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    Up until now many chemical substances, pesticides, medicines etc. would not be approved for use within the EU…. UNTIL it is confirmed that they pose no health threat. The preventitive principle. Under this so called Trade deal this will no longer be the case. Pesticides and more worrying the Hormonal Disrupters (eg: found in plastic food/water packing and others) will be permiited although the EU’s own studies by Keel University, Sussex recommends based on long and thorough research, a precautionary approach. That proposal was kicked into the long grass by other apparentely more powerful EU departments (agriculture, entrepreneurship) with the help of the industries own hurredly concocted studies. Thus many untested substances will be allowed to market. So we will continue to be the guinea pigs and test mice for the agro, chemical industries.
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    Sign the petition: Cambridge Against TTIP
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    Sign the petition: Cambridge Against TTIP
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    I’m so glad cambridge is coming together against TTIP. It can do nothing positive for the fabric of our community or indeed the country as a whole. It’s main thrust is in making a clear pathway fir yet more inequality and profits for big corporations. In fact, I wouldn’t wish TTIP on my worst enemy.
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    Mary Roberts-Holmes
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    The rich again trying to impose their will the poorest
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    Sign the petition: Cambridge Against TTIP
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