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Book review: This Changes Everything

We present a new book review by member Simon Norton.

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Book review: The Body Economic

We present a book review by member Olivier Tonneau, posted on our former blog in November 2013.

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Book review: Who Needs the Cuts?

We present a book review by member Olivier Tonneau, posted on our former blog in October 2013.

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Cambridge: Danny Dorling on 'Geography and Inequality'

Wednesday 26 November / 8 p.m. / Queen's Building, Emmanuel College, Cambridge CB2 3AP

We've noticed that the geographer Danny Dorling (latest book Inequality and the 1%) is speaking in Cambridge tomorrow at the invitation of the Cambridge University Geographical Society, on a subject at the centre of our concerns. Austerity sharpens inequalities – and a nice sharp inequality can be used as a tool to hone austerity.

We think Danny Dorling's talk will be of broad interest and well worth hearing. Tickets are £2 on the door.

Cambridge: Film and theatre for the NHS

Friday 28 November / 7.30 p.m. / The Boathouse, Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AX

Our friends in Cambridge Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) have jointly organized a remarkable night of film and theatre 'to defend and celebrate the NHS' this Friday night. As part of the Just Press Mini-Festival of Dissenting Ideas (although we wonder if privatization and underfunding aren't the dissenting ideas where the NHS is concerned), Cambridge KONP and Just Press are presenting

  • the documentary film Sell-Off: The Abolition of Your NHS, produced by doctors concerned that profit rather than patient care is driving current reforms in the NHS, and
  • the 'cartoon action' play Conversations with a National Treasure, performed by Theatre of the Streets.
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Cambridge: One Million Climate Jobs

Saturday 22 November / 3 p.m. / Castle Street Methodist Church Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AH

Saturday's event is about one of the real alternatives to the dogma of austerity. A new report by the Campaign Against Climate Change (CCC) takes forward the pressure group's argument for investment in one million climate jobs: those which 'lead directly to cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases, and so slow down climate change.' We need high-quality jobs like these – in renewable energy and public transport, for example – and not the low-paid, short-time, insecure jobs that characterize Britain under austerity. We also need a humanly viable world in which to work and play.

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Forthcoming events in Cambridge

Five forthcoming events, including talks by our guests Ken Montague (22 November) and John Hilary (4 December). Please let us know about anything else that's happening and we'll pass it on!

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Minutes of the November CPA meeting

Please find below the minutes of our November meeting. Everyone's welcome at our next meeting, which is on Wednesday 3 December at 7.30 p.m., CB2 Bistro, Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD.

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We also organize conferences, demonstrations, and work with other anti-austerity campaigners.

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Board the Cambridge People's Bus!

On 21 June, don't miss The People's Assembly's demo against austerity, feat. Owen Jones , Russell Brand and many more, and followed by a free concert! There will be a bus from Cambridge which will hopefully be free and no more than 5£ (waged) and 3£ (unwaged).

To book your seat, send us an email or click here to join the Facebook event.


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