Budget Day Pots and Pans Protest

What's all this noise about?

In Britain, we face a crisis that has seen living standards fall father and for longer than any time since the 19th Century. We cannot and must not let this continue.

Pots and pans are a form of street theatre with deep roots in this country and across the world. For many years, people have taken to the streets to raise merry mayhem when prices rise, wages fall, or governments disappoint. 

Our empty pots will symbolise the food and fuel poverty that has led to food banks and a winter fuel crisis. Let's make our message clear, and our voices heard in both the media and government!

This Budget Day, we are co-ordinating a national day of action across the country, calling for pots and pans protests to take place in every town and city. 

Join us on the 18th March, at 6pm and don't forget to bring your pots and pans! Here in London, we will be clamouring outside the door of Downing Street with a firm message: End Austerity Now!

See you at 6pm, 10 Downing Street!

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