Send Osborne a message on Budget Day | 19 March 2014


National day of action

The People's Assembly is calling a national day of protest and action on Budget Day 2014. We want to demonstrate for a Budget that benefits the majority not the few. 

Join us to send a message to Osborne: we don’t want his austerity budget.

We want the alternatives; living wage, green energy jobs, public ownership, robin hood tax, empty property tax, bankers bonus' tax, scrap trident, affordable housing, rent controls, stop tax avoidance, renewable energy, bank regulation ...

Sign the Petition

The People's Assembly has launched a petition for a #PeoplesBudget. The first set of signatures will be handed into Downing Street on the London Protest.  Add your name here.

Local Actions


Student Assembly Against Austerity 

Click here for information on Student actions around the country

Birmingham: "Austerity for Ever" - No Way!

Assemble 17 - 19:00, outside Waterstones, High Str.

Bristol: The People's Budget

Assemble at 17:30, The Fountains (opposite the Hippodrome)

Cambridge: Have your say on Budget Day

Assemble 17:30, Guildhall, 1 Market Square

Cardiff: Protest and Public Meeting

1) Assemble at 16:30, Aneurin Bevan Statue, Queen Street to protest the ConDem budget
2) Public Meeting "Fighting Austerity and The Peoples Alternative" at 19:00, Unite Building, 1 Cathedral Road

Doncaster: Protest for an Alternative Budget

Assemble at 18:30 in front of Mansion House, High Street 

Dundee: Rally Against Osborne Budget and Permanent Austerity

Assemble  at 12:05 - 13:05, City Square

Huddersfield TUC: Britain Needs a Pay Rise

Assemble at 12:30PM, Market Cross HD1 2AN

Leeds: A Budget for the Bosses, Benefit Cuts & Food Banks for us - This country needs a Pay Rise 

Assemble at 17:00, Dortmund Square

Lincoln: Protest Against the Cuts

Assemble at 12 noon, Speakers Corner, cnr of High Street and Cornhill

London: Protest and Handing in of Petition 

Assemble at 18:00, Downing Street SW1A 2AA

Manchester: The People's Budget V Parliament's Budget ACTION

Assemble at 17:30, Piccadilly Gardens M1 1RG

Newcastle: Building the Movement

Public meeting from 19:00, Brunswick Methodist Church NE1 7BJ

Nottingham: Robin Hood's Anti-Budget Cut Rally

Assemble at 15:30 - 18:30, Brian Clough Statue

Swindon: There is an alternative to Austerity!

Assemble at 16:30, the fountain, Canal Walk, Swindon Town Centre 

Wolverhampton: No to cuts and privatisation at Wolverhampton Council

Assemble at 17:45, Civic centre, Wulfruna Street WV1 1RG


Send Osborne a message:

We are putting together a short film with a powerful message to Osborne, we don’t want his austerity budget – this is what we do want.

Send us a short message of yourself, your friends, family, colleagues, and get onto the streets and ask the public what they want to say to Osborne.

If you have any questions please contact:

Click here ppls_bdgt_video_1_sheet.pdf if you'd like a 'how to' guide on filming and sending us in the footage.



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    lets go tomorrow and say hallo to Gideon (Osborne, his real name, but George, of course, has so much more managerial brio)
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    bring placards, signs and banners tomorrow with your message to osborne! any ideas of what to say?
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    Sign the petition for a #PeoplesBudget which we'll hand in as part of this protest:
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    Please RSVP: Demonstrate on Budget Day | 19 March 2014
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    Please RSVP: Demonstrate on Budget Day | 19 March 2014
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    Please RSVP: Demonstrate on Budget Day | 19 March 2014
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    I have helped arranged the PAAA demo in Coventry so will be there
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    Please RSVP: Demonstrate on Budget Day | 19 March 2014
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    See here for a list of actions across the country and let us know of anything going on in your area, we'll keep adding actions as they come in.
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