Britain Needs A Pay Rise

100,000 people from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland marched on Saturday 18 October to demand a pay rise for Britain.

We sent a strong message that tax cuts for the rich while hard working people are struggling to put food on the table is unacceptable.  Life for millions of people in austerity Britain is as bad as it’s ever been. Low pay, insecure jobs, rising costs and cuts to support for the most vulnerable is causing misery. Thanks to Mr Cameron's government only the rich are getting richer in Britain today.

For a recap of the event click here.


 Report from the Unite website.


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  • Gerry Toner
    commented 2014-11-07 16:44:46 +0000
    We need not to forget that it is not simply the Cameron crowd but all since the late ’60’s. They all brought austerity and they all oversaw the rich getting richer. If this moment is to mean something then we must end the blather and pretense that passes for economic and social policy. Why the state must subsidise wages is beyond belief unless you accept the nonsense that is neoclassical economic policy. I can accept that the state could ‘invest’ in lower wages but this would be for a share, which could be paid into additional NI contributions. The low paid are effectively subsidising all of us, in boardrooms they would be called investors. Why pensioners can be conned and deprived after paying contributions is criminal in the real sense if not the legal sense. The purpose of the economy is to produce and develop human potential. If it is not then it is a sham concept. We have been dominated by this partial and narrow view for too long. We need to replace the dominant partial view of the elites with a dominant unifying view which includes future generations. A modern economy must have as a baseline a living wage for all irrespective. Upon that we can develop shared responsibilities rather than this amateur dramatics that passes for politics in this country.
  • BritainNeedsAPayrise
    @pplsassembly tweeted this page. 2014-10-23 18:06:15 +0100
    100,000 people from England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland marched Saturday #18Oct to demand a @PayRise4Britain
  • The People's Assembly Against Austerity posted about Britain Needs A Pay Rise on The People's Assembly Against Austerity's Facebook page 2014-10-23 18:06:14 +0100
    100,000 people from England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland marched Saturday #18Oct to demand a @PayRise4Britain

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