Brighton People's Assembly Report

We held a very successful launch event in May and have been up and running as a local group since July.

Since then we have:

- participated in the national Mass Sleep Out against the bedroom tax

- organised an education event in a busy town centre street, with speakers on all kinds of issues

- joined NHS campaigners on two local demonstrations and the national march in Manchester

- created a fundraising and awareness ribbon campaign for the NHS

- taken to the streets on November 5th to protest against the banks

- organised a successful fundraising gig, one of a planned series called Small Revolutions

- supported the strikes by teachers, university workers, firefighters and probation officers

- made contact with trade union and anti-austerity activists in the city, to discuss how to work together

- held a public meeting to launch a campaign on the impact of local government cuts. Several local councillors are supporting our campaign and intending to vote against the council budget in February.

We have a website, Facebook presence and Twitter account, and we circulate a monthly newsletter to people on our mailing list. We have a constitution and bank account. We are working on improving our internal communication systems.

We are planning a series of open discussion meetings in 2014, starting with one in January on fuel poverty.

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  • Toni Gill-DeVito
    commented 2014-03-29 10:32:26 +0000
    Can you put me on your mailing list please? I am keen to support all the goals of the Peoples Assembly. Will there be a bedroom tax demo in Brighton in 5 April, or do I have to go to London?

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