The post-Brexit debate has already begun, it's just the media doesn't report it

The EU referendum has created a huge political crisis, not least because the Tories have absolutely no idea how to resolve the mess they created.


The debate around what to do next is now raising fundamental issues about what kind of society we want. Issues that have little to do with Brexit, like the long term investment crisis, are now being seriously discussed. 

The Peoples' Assembly has long held views about how we can break from the free-market, austerity driven economy and rebuild a society committed to meeting the needs of working people.

At our Peoples' Question Time we will be discuss the central issues that now confront us. But the many supporters of the Peoples' Assembly have already been producing valuable material to inform this discussion. 

This rarely makes it into the mainstream media. So here we reproduce some links under the eight headings under which most people are submitting questions to our panel...

1. We are calling for an End to Austerity Now. We need an investment programme organised by a National Investment Bank which will initiate an immediate job creation through building social housing. Also see the Labour Party Strategy on National Investment Bank which includes a commitment to  ‘full employment’ and £500 billion public investment programme and the building of  500,000 council homes.
Also see the People's Assembly's  ‘In Place of Austerity’:

2. The  Peoples' Assembly is calling for an extention of public ownership in manufacturing, transport, health and education as the only way to ensure that more investment ends up delivering the things tha workling people need not the profits that the 1 percent want. Also see War on Want's excellent account:

3. We say no to  ‘No to A Bankers Brexit’. We need to overhaul  the tax system to clampdown on tax avoidance, to increase corporation tax, the personal tax and  inheritance tax of the wealthy.  See the research done by Action Aid:

4. The Peoples' Assembly calls for a new charter for workers rights and for the abolition of the  anti-union laws. We need an end to Zero Hours contracts, and we call for mandatory collective bargaining for large workplaces.  See  ‘Brexit on our Terms’ and ‘Worker’s Brexit’ from UNITE.

5. We demand a  Charter for migrant rights: No scapegoating of refugees, full retention of rights for European workers. See the CLASS pamphlet ‘Changing the Debate on Migration’; this from the New Economics Foundation, ‘Restricting immigration won’t pay for working people’.

6. No TTIP and all neo-liberal trade deals (NAFTA and CETA etc.) See the Global Justice  material and that from War on Want

7. We are calling for a new benefits deal for all, no discrimination or scapegoating of any claimant.  Scrap universal credit, and benefit sanctions. See the research links sanctions to rise in Food Banks:

8. We say that it is essential that we develop sustainable and renewable energy and new technology. All new jobs should be green Jobs and we must prioritise climate friendly energy investment. See the Green party's and the Global Justice Now document on Energy Alternatives, ‘Power to the People’,


Join us at The People's Question Time, Brexit: What are Our Demands? 

7pm, Thursday 19 January, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA.

Do you have a question for our panel? Submit one when registering for a chance to put it to the event.

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