Boris Johnson will be in Manchester on Sunday… Be there to meet him!

The Prime Minister has been forced to reschedule his speech to Tory party conference to this Sunday.

 Boris Johnson‘s address to the massed ranks of the Tories will take place at exactly the same time as tens of thousands of protesters surround the conference hall.


The Tories plans to use the conference as a launchpad for a general election have been reduced to chaos as the House of Commons voted against the recess to allow the governing party the space for the planned conference.
With the government reduced to a shambles, the governing party’s conference has been reduced to a shambles as well.
The protesters, organised by the People’s Assembly, are there under the slogan “Shut down the Tories!“.
While some are concerned that the Prime Minister lied to the Queen, the protesters are more concerned that he’s been lying to the rest of us for years.
Most damningly his claim to be ending austerity is already seen as another whopping great lie.
The protesters are calling for an anti-austerity government that can really transform the lives of working people already ruined by years of austerity.
For more details including local transport, march route and marquee events see here: Shut Down The Tories
See you in Manchester!!

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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