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Ashford People's Assembly launch letter. If you want to get involved in Ashford, please see here and visit the Kent People's Assembly page. 

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“Over the past month we have seen the government and its supporters try to convince us that its austerity policies have been vindicated. In reality the economy has grown at an annual rate of just 0.6% in 3 years of austerity – less than one-quarter of previous trend growth.

 The government’s unjust, undemocratic austerity agenda is failing. From real-term funding cuts for the NHS, wages for teachers frozen, nearly a million young people unemployed, huge funding cuts to local government, the unfair ‘bedroom tax’ ripping people’s lives apart and over a million people forced onto zero hour contracts; the austerity misery list is endless. 

Austerity means those that did not create the financial collapse will have to continue paying for it.

Austerity moves the wealth of ordinary people into the pockets of the richest in society.

In Ashford alone the bedroom tax means 573 families will have their housing benefit cut by 14%, and an additional 152 families will see 25% cut in their support.

The launch of the Ashford People’s Assembly Against Austerity will provide a voice for all who are saying NO to austerity. We especially welcome all those normally left out by politics and all those affected by the cuts to take part.

Launched in London on 22 June when over 4,500 anti-cuts activists from across Britain met to build a ‘People’s Assembly Against Austerity’, the Ashford People’s Assembly will bring together all those campaigning against the cuts with Trades Unions, Trades Councils and campaign groups to unite and strengthen our movement.

For more information, please send an email to: or visit the Facebook page

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