Are we all just hypocrites?

Yoshee Hummel asks how can we be more than hypocrites when living in a system we are opposed to?

Hypocrite. When you think about it there really is no point in stating the blooming obvious that to live in this system, this society, is to be a hypocrite.

But to stop there would make this post rather short...

And you’re right there are levels and there is personal responsibility – but who are we kidding. It’s not to say that we shouldn’t try though and at least educate and inspire those who are ignorant and innocent – not in a holier than thou way. That’s annoying.  But also highlight and focus on those who are accountable for trapping us and who have the power to change things.

I was frantically searching for a way to live without being tainted by the evils of this world. Imagine a field of flowers simply chilling with their comrades, all with a random aversion to manure – and yet...look up folks, it just keeps on coming.

We must remember the smaller independent companies doing their bit and support them as they are the minority. However there are two things we need to accept; that massive corporations own everything and they taint everything.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration... but really not that far from the truth.  Check out P&G for example who are being accused of tax fraud in Argentina.

So what can we take from knowing that the majority of this world is tainted?

In a nutshell start forgiving one another who are without power; the ordinary people of this world.  The simple fact that we have to pay our taxes to a corrupt global system and use electricity (one word; Petrodollar) means that we really are ‘all in it together’. Again, try and do the best that you can and support where you can. I used to not be like this by the way but finger pointing at those without power really is pointless (tedious pun intended).

We are lied to all the time from government to media to bus stops saying ‘due’.

It’s not ‘due’. It will arrive when it’s good and ready to. Matey the controller has one job, one job and yet we still have to suffer. Much like Government. Or our perceived role of what Government ought to be; looking after the whole not a select few.

So as we stand tutting at the bus stop of life remember no one’s perfect, try and be kind to your fellow man, join together (even with the clutz bus controller) make a stand however you can, stop the hatin’, try try try.

Good luck people! *Go team*

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