The People's Assembly asks are the cuts working for you?

10696272_786718088062750_5121283232843401285_n.jpgDavid Charles reports - Did you catch him? George Osborne (“man of the people”) was rumoured to be out and about in central London last week, picking pockets ahead of his Autumn Statement.

Last year, George infamously told us that austerity was working. So we thought we'd go down with a TV crew and ask the good people of London: Are the cuts working for you?


We spoke to teachers, shop keepers, market stall holders, city workers, singers, chefs, young, old, rich and jobless and could not find one single person to defend austerity and the cuts. Strange. Maybe George is talking to different people. (Or maybe he's just not listening.)


Beth Granville, one of our interviewers, said: “The day was really inspiring and reinforced the fact that nobody feels that this government represents them. People want change.”


After a busy day of filming, presenter Dominic Morgan caught up with George's “image consultant” for a chat about the successes of his austerity programme (“It's been the warmest Halloween on record – that never would have happened under the last government”).


During the course of an interview as baffling as his ludicrous claims last year, we're forced to the conclusion that George must consider 600,000 more people using food banks to be yet another success of his austerity programme.


Stay tuned to The People's Assembly YouTube channel for the people's interviews and hilarious japes around the city. It's amazing what you can do with a George Osborne mask and a megaphone...


More amazing is what we can achieve if we all band together. No one outside Whitehall supports the NHS nursing pay freeze. No one outside Whitehall supports fire station closures. No one outside Whitehall supports bedroom tax and forcing families to leave their communities.


Join us in opposing austerity on the eve of George's Autumn Statement. Meet at Downing Street on Tuesday 2 December at 5.30pm.


Fight back!


(By the way, if you did happen to catch George Osborne last week, please don't let him go.)

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