Anti-cuts demonstrators take fight to Doncaster mayor’s doorstep

Protestors fighting Doncaster Council cuts will take their fight to mayor Ros Jones’ own doorstep today.


Local residents, Doncaster People’s Assembly members and trade unionists angry at the authority’s £109million budget cuts, will stage a demo in Askern this afternoon - the ward the mayor represents on Doncaster Council.

According to demonstrators, Askern will be hit especially hard by the cuts with the run down of the local library service, closure of the Askarne Day Centre and the loss of public swimming facilities at the local leisure centre.

Doug Wright, treasurer of Doncaster People’s Assembly, said: “The budget cuts will have a devastating impact on the users of local services. In addition the announced job losses will devastate local families and further weaken the local economy.”

He added: “With no one political party opposing these cuts, the Doncaster People’s Assembly and it’s members are the only group representing the majority local opinion in Doncaster and organising against these devastating cuts.”

“That is why we need to take our message to the Mayor’s own constituency of Askern.”

The protest will take place from 1pm at Askern Library.

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