Another victory for Fife People's Assembly!

Another victory for Fife People's Assembly as Fife Council pass a motion against benefit sanctions.

Further to the demonstration held on the national day of action against sanctions by Fife People’s Assembly and Unite the Union,  Fife Council have passed a motion condemning and calling for an end to the current Benefit Sanctions regime.


Independent Councillors Bryan Poole and Willie Clarke introduced an amendment to SNP leader Peter Grants motion re Benefit Sanctions.


'Council notes that the opposition to austerity and sanctions in Fife has been led by Fife People’s Assembly and Trades Unions and as such their contribution should be acknowledged and duly noted.'


The amendment was accepted. but strangely neither the mover (SNP Cllr Grant) or the seconder of the motion (SNP Cllr Hanvey) made any mention of the role of the People's Assembly or the local Trades Unions. Both Labour councillors Kenny Selbie and Peter Lockart, highlighted the role of both the People's Assembly and the Trades Unions in their contribution to the debate.


Councillor Poole said, “At today’s meeting of Fife Council the SNP moved a motion around the damage sanctions are creating for the poorest members of our communities.  Neither the mover nor the seconder of the motion made any mention of The People’s Assembly Fife or Fife's Trades Unions. It has been the People’s Assembly Fife and the Trades Unions that have been leading the fight against austerity and sanctions. I was really pleased to hear Cllr Kenny Selbie and Cllr Peter Lockhart recognising the role of both The People’s Assembly and the Trades Unions”.


Tam Kirby, Secretary of Fife People’s Assembly welcomed the news and stated, “We have been campaigning outside the local  job centres for months and will continue until there is an end to this current regime. It has given us a huge boost that the Fife Councillors have yet again united after our recent demo and have condemned the use of these evil sanctions”


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