Progressives must be united after EU referendum

Sign the open letter calling for unity around the 'Brexit Crisis'.   

"The EU referendum campaign and its aftermath are widely recognised as one of the most divisive political events in British post war history. 
Irresponsibly initiated by David Cameron for the narrowest reasons of internal party advantage the campaign was dominated on both sides by the voices of the right. 

The campaign also divided progressives. But those differences now need to be set aside if we are to prevent Theresa May, Cameron's unelected successor, from turning the post-Bexit negotiations into an undemocratic ramp for further attacks on the NHS, the welfare state, rights at work, and migrants. 

All those on the left, no matter which way they voted in the EU referendum, are united in wanting to defend the NHS, counter racism directed at refugees and migrants, extend the rights of trade unionists, defend civil liberties, and end the poverty and inequality created by a generation of neo-liberal economics. 

All those who wish to resolve the current political crisis to the benefit of working people should unite around this clear set of principles. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations they must be assessed on whether or not they close the gap between the rich and the poor, strengthen public services, extend democratic and civil liberties, including trade union rights, and combat racism. 

The political right created this mess. The political left must unite to get us out of it."

The letter has already been signed by: 

Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary of Unite the Union

Malia Bouattia, President, National Union of Students

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary, PCS

Phillipa Harvey, TUC general council 

Manuel Cortez, General Secretary, TSSA

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary, NUT

Lindsey German, convenor, Stop the War Coalition

Ian Hodson, National Secretary, the Bakers Union

Kiri Tunks, junior Vice-President, NUT

Ken Loach, film maker

Shelly Asquith, vice president welfare, NUS

Andrew Murray, Chief of Staff, Unite the Union

Giles Fraser, writer and cleric

Lee Jasper, co-chair, BARAC

Francesca Martinez, comedian

Alex Kenny, NUT executive member

Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary, Peoples' Assembly

Brian Eno,  musician

John Rees, Counterfire

Alex Gordon, former President of the RMT

Weyman Bennett, Stand up to Racism

Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up to Racism

Ben Chacko, Editor, Morning Star

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    Sign the petition: Progressives must be united after EU referendum
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    Sign the petition: Progressives must be united after EU referendum
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    I am already on the email list and have been to many meetings and demos and the last PA march etc.
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