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The People's Assembly campaigns against austerity at a local and national level. We organise debates, conferences, gigs, shows, direct actions and large demonstrations that bring hundreds of thousands onto the streets. By doing this, along with our press and social media work, we the message of the anti-austerity movement into the mainstream. We have also supported industrial action for a number of trade unions over the years, helping them campaign, demonstrate and get their message out to the general public. We have made sure that trade unions continue to be at the forefront of campaigns for workers rights and improved living standards for all.  

Why should Trade Union Branches and Campaigns affiliate to us?

Many national trade unions and local branches are already affiliated to us, which provides us with vital funding to campaign against austerity, support local groups and organise demonstrations. We also campaign to help grow the Trade Union movement in our workplaces and support local campaigns for our public services. By affiliating to the People’s Assembly you can become part of decision making processes about campaigns and be part of a movement for change.

How can I affiliate our local branch?

Pass this Model Motion in your trade union branch and send this Affiliation Form to our office with details of your trade union branch. Please print it out and send it back to us: The People’s Assembly, 52 Beachy Road, London, E3 2NS

You can also download, Donation Form and Standing Order forms too. 



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