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Last year, the People’s Assembly gained tremendous strength and support, launching over 100 local People's Assembly groups, mobilising more than 50,000 on our first national demonstration, and providing support and publicity to many campaigns and struggles.

With currently 40 national trade unions and campaigns affiliated, plus over 150 local campaigning organisations, we aim to bring together all voices against austerity into one coordinated force. However, we still need to do more, and reach further. Whatever the result of the general election we will still need to build a mass movement that campaigns for policies which will benefit the majority and not just those at the top. This year will be coordinating a series of high profile actions and events including a UK-wide tour of People’s Question Time events, and national demonstration ending in a major festival in London this summer just after the general election.

The People’s Assembly is a mass and growing coalition that supports, encourages, and coordinates joint actions, protests and demonstrations, inspiring wide debate on how to protect our public services and a fair future for all. Through our national conferences and local assemblies, representatives from all our affiliates are able to shape and form the direction of the campaign, ensuring that we are as dynamic and effective as possible.

We are asking your branch or organisation to affiliate to the campaign and we hope that you are also able to consider an additional one-off donation of £100 to our 2015 appeal. Please download an affiliation form and a model resolution.

The mood is changing in Britain. People are seeing through the “Austerity” lies. Now we need to maximise mobilisations and create a movement impossible to ignore.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Turner

Romayne Phoenix

Co-Chair, The People’s Assembly    

Co-Chair, The People’s Assembly

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