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The People's Assembly is all about building the biggest possible movement against austerity. We want to unite people in saying 'no' and demanding an alternative to cut-backs and sell-offs, and show support to those taking the bravest of stands against attacks on lives and livelihoods. Its important to do that in the street, such as protest marches, but sometimes we'll use online actions like petitions to show the strength in numbers of our movement. Select one of the links about and take action now!

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  • commented 2015-02-19 15:05:29 +0000
    Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for your support. Please visit our local group page, to find information on starting a local group. You may also want to get in contact with your nearest local groups as they might have other supporters in the same position as you.

    Our national office will help in getting you oriented and in contact with other members. The best way to get in touch is by emailing
  • commented 2015-01-06 01:32:05 +0000
    I would like to help but there’s no local group where I live? How do I start a local group and would I get any help? As I suffer fibromyalgia.

    Thanks Sophie 😎
  • followed this page 2014-06-25 23:36:14 +0100
  • commented 2014-06-22 20:35:20 +0100
    Needs to be:- all contracts of employment need to be made legally binding in UK law, need to be fair, need to be just need to be only altered by mutual consent! This will stop all this nonsense as pay offs to buy back contracts will cost, a lot of money, EG if one was 48 yrs of age, you would expect a lump sum of your full wage made up until your 65 yrs or whatever the govt; say you are of pensionable age and why not bosses get it??
  • commented 2014-06-22 17:32:31 +0100
    I was at yesterday’s rally. There has been little reporting on the BBC. I filmed quite a lot of it and am editing right now. Will upload to Vimeo when done and add links from Twitter and Facebook. More power to the People!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-06-15 04:16:27 +0100
    Act Now

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