Action for Rail Stoke & Stafford


Campaigners from across the Party-political divide campaigning together outside Stoke on Trent railway station calling for lower fares and the renationalisation of the Railways on Monday January 5th. (Photo Credit: Kevin Deegan)


Following a successful day last August, local campaigners from the North Staffordshire People's Assembly, North Staffordshire Green Party and Newcastle under Lyme Labour Party once again took up the fight for lower rail fares and an integrated, nationally-owned rail service run for the benefit of all...

The response from commuters was very positive - so much so that we ran out of leaflets before the planned afternoon session and had to cancel it! Lots of people talked to us about how unaffordable rail travel has become, some even talking of potentially returning to road travel since the price of fuel has dropped whilst rail fares increase year on year.


A smaller group were at Stafford railway station in the morning as well, sadly we don't have any pictures of that action, but the response there was even more enthusiastic that at Stoke!


Many thanks to all who took part, including those not shown in the photo above - together we are changing the political consensus around Rail. We are all looking forward to making the next Action for Rail the biggest yet!


Some local news coverage of the protest:


Signal Radio Interview

Sentinel Newspaper article


For more information and to get involved with the campaign, please visit the Action for Rail website



The Lunch-time session. (Photo Credit: Kevin Deegan)

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