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The March for Health Homes Jobs and Education, Sat 16 April.

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Getting to the march – accessible transport

The march will assemble on Gower Street, where it meets Euston Road.

The closest station is Euston Square but this only has step-free access from the Westbound Metropolitan Line.

The closest station with step-free access is King’s Cross-St Pancras

King’s Cross and St Pancras also have Changing Places toilets.


Getting there from King’s Cross St Pancras

Exit from the underground using the lifts or exit from the main concourse using the Euston Road exit.

When you come out of the station turn right onto Euston Road.

After about 10 minutes you will reach Euston Station.

Cross over to Friends House, opposite Euston, and carry on along Euston Road until you come to the top of Gower Street.

Alternatively you can take the bus along Euston Road.

From bus stop R, over the road from King’s Cross and at the bottom of Gray’s Inn Road, take the 10, 30 or the 73. Get off at the Euston Square Station bus stop.

At Euston there is step-free access from the main concourse onto Euston Road, but not from the tube.


Short march

There will also be a short march that will feed in to the main march as it goes past. This will assemble on Charing Cross Road, outside the Hippodrome. This is by one of the entrances to Leicester Square.

People will assemble there from 2pm. The main march is expected to arrive there at around 3pm.


The nearest station with step-free access is Westminster. Exit the station using the lift and turn right. Turn right again onto Whitehall and go all the way up to Trafalgar Square.

Go up the right side of the square and carry on up Charing Cross Road, passing the National Portrait Gallery.

Keep going up the road until you reach the Hippodrome.

Alternatively you can get the bus from Westminster. When you turn into Whitehall go to bus stop C. Take the 24 bus to Leicester Square Station. This takes about 12 minutes.

The nearest accessible toilets and cafes are in the National Portrait Gallery, or in the Crypt at St Martin’s Church. This is opposite the National Portrait Gallery. If you want to join just for the rally in Trafalgar Square this would be a good meeting point.

If you are arriving at Gower Street by coach and need assistance getting to the short march point please get in touch.


At Trafalgar Square

When the march reaches the square carry on down the left hand side of the square and turn right into it. Alternatively turn right straight away and use the lift in front of the National Gallery.

There are accessible toilets at the back of the square.


After the demonstration

The demonstration will finish in Trafalgar Square.

The nearest station with step-free access is Westminster.

Exit the square from the South side (the opposite side to the National Gallery).

Go down Whitehall.

At the bottom of Whitehall turn left onto Bridge Street for the lift into Westminster station.




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