50,000 March Against Austerity

Sam Fairbairn with our round up of Saturday's mega march and a few things to get started on in your local groups including how to be put in touch with people in your area. 

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Social Housing, Not Social Cleansing!

Jasmin Stone and Hannah Caller of the Focus E15 Mothers campaign on why we need to build resistance and fight for decent housing for all. 

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Scroungers: The Rich Who Benefit From Our Loss

Pilgrim Tucker of Unite Community discusses this government’s current welfare reforms and points the finger to those who get rich at our expense.

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The Hidden Threat of the TTIP deal

JOHN HILARY of War on Want raises the alarm on the secret EU-US negotiations that threaten jobs, the NHS and democracy itself.

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Press Release: 999 People's March to Save NHS joins with People's Assembly

The People's March has joined with the People's Assembly Against Austerity. Read all about it here...

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The Rich Get All The Gravy, And That's Why We March

The maths of austerity are simply pushing wealth to the top of the tree, economic consultant Michael Burke finds. 

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Cut War Not Welfare

Lindsey German, Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, explains why she is marching on 21 June to demand the alternative to policies of war and austerity.

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