Cameron: How To Solve Crisis? MORE Austerity

TORY premier David Cameron urged Britons to back his toxic economic plans yesterday — insisting that only more austerity could save us from another worldwide downturn.

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Only 1 in 40 new jobs are full-time

The TUC has released research showing that only one in forty jobs created since the recession is full-time.

Much has been made of growth and unemployment in the news recently, with official figures showing unemployment having fallen below 2m. However, stagnant wage growth has posed a challenge to the spin around the figures.

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Tory MP’s family firm pulls out of Hoxton’s New Era estate over rent row

A property company controlled by a millionaire Tory MP said it would sell its stake in an east London estate where hundreds of residents face massive rent rises.

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Six myths about how the unions are ruining Britain

The Daily Mail front page caught my eye yesterday: it announced that trade unions were now paying their members to go on strike. I confess to being almost impressed at that infernal organ's ability to alchemise scandals out of the prosaic, and it got me thinking about the other myths that are commonly peddled about trade unions. Let's have a look at six regulars, and give them a good old busting.

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New Poll Proves Majority Against Osbourne's Austerity

New polling reported in the Financial Times shows public enthusiasm for austerity waning. After four years of assurances that Osborne’s axe-wielding would be necessary to bring the public finances back under heel, the failure of his programme is becoming apparent. The Chancellor expected the budget deficit this year to be £40bn, but it’s actually closer to £100bn, having risen by 10% in the last year.

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The People's Assembly asks are the cuts working for you?

10696272_786718088062750_5121283232843401285_n.jpgDavid Charles reports - Did you catch him? George Osborne (“man of the people”) was rumoured to be out and about in central London last week, picking pockets ahead of his Autumn Statement.

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Britain Needs A Pay Rise

100,000 people from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland marched on Saturday 18 October to demand a pay rise for Britain.

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