New Poll Proves Majority Against Osbourne's Austerity

New polling reported in the Financial Times shows public enthusiasm for austerity waning. After four years of assurances that Osborne’s axe-wielding would be necessary to bring the public finances back under heel, the failure of his programme is becoming apparent. The Chancellor expected the budget deficit this year to be £40bn, but it’s actually closer to £100bn, having risen by 10% in the last year.

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The People's Assembly asks are the cuts working for you?

10696272_786718088062750_5121283232843401285_n.jpgDavid Charles reports - Did you catch him? George Osborne (“man of the people”) was rumoured to be out and about in central London last week, picking pockets ahead of his Autumn Statement.

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Britain Needs A Pay Rise

100,000 people from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland marched on Saturday 18 October to demand a pay rise for Britain.

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Support St Mungos Broadway Strike

Staff members of homeless charity St Mungo’s Broadway who are members of the Unite union are on strike for 7 days until Friday 24th October.

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Occupy Democracy at Parliament Square


This Friday the 17th of October #occupydemocracy began occupying Parliament Square to demand the alternative. Each day of the camp will cover different aspects of the huge democratic deficit.

Defend democracy, get to Parliament Square now if you can to give a hand. Don't let police take away our freedom to protest.

Watch this space for rolling updates.

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Not if, but when‏ - the next crisis approaches

James Meadway: reports from the last few weeks say that the world economy is on course for another financial crisis - with Britain dangerously exposed.

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Victory for Southbank Undercroft Skatepark

Last Thursday, a deal guaranteeing the long term future of the world famous Southbank Undercroft was signed.

It was the high point of the community-run Long Live Southbank campaign and ended Southbank Centre’s plans to replace the world famous skateboarding spot with more coffee shops and restaurants.

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