The People's Assembly Podcast - episode 2

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Met backs down on pay to protest

Met backs down on refusal to police climate and women's marches

Scotland Yard reverses earlier decision not to police Time to Act and Million Women Rise marches, after criticism from campaigners and Boris Johnson


The ‘People’s Climate March’ in London last year was attended by 40,000 people as part of a global day of action. Photograph: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

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Manchester Interview: Music Beats Austerity

Live interview with Penny Hicks, convenor for the People's Assembly, and Sheila Coleman, UNITE's community membership officer, speaking about the welfare system, government cuts and events in Manchester on Saturday, the 28th of February, one of which will be "Music Beats Austerity" at Manchester Academy.

We refuse to pay to protest

Organisers of public protests unite in rejecting 'pay to protest' measures

**Campaigners will not hire private companies to facilitate demonstrations**

A range of campaign groups, including organisations responsible for some major forthcoming demonstrations in London, today announced that they would not be paying for traffic management for their protests. This follows the recent announcement that the Metropolitan Police intend to withdraw from this role, which they have carried out in the past. The campaign groups stated:

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Time to Act on Climate Change

Back in 2010, before the last election, Tories courting the environmentally­ conscious vote claimed that you could ‘vote blue and get green’ and that theirs would be the greenest government ever. Last year, the run up to the next election, they capped their term of inaction on climate change with a demonstration of how far they are really committed to environmental sustainability: they persuaded the EU to include in their definition of renewable energy nuclear power and fracking.


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Occupation at Guinness Trust Brixton Estate

rsz_guinness_trust_protest-610x328.jpgSupport needed at the Guinness Trust Estate in Brixton where an occupation by residents and supporters is taking place against the eviction of many tenants. 

Occupiers plan to keep the occupation running until Guinness agree to halt all evictions and rehouse all the tenants in local social housing.

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