A City Divided: London Mapped by its Housing Crisis

As I travel into Waterloo each morning, I play a game.

I try to spot, through the dilapidation I had to put up with for five years, exactly when the train hits London. More accurately, I try to spot the capital when the dilapidation forms a contrast: the southern limits of the city are marked when houses on the same street are either immaculate - all plate glass extensions and manicured gardens - or a shambles, paint peeling away from rotten door frames, condensation peppering single-glazed windows.

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New Episode of the People's Assembly Podcast - keeping you informed

Podcast2.jpgIn this episode:
1) Osbournes Budget, an exercise in secrecy and unsound statistics.
2) What is Austerity? We talk to Matt Willgress of the North London Peoples Assembly about what austerity means, and what it means for you....
3) Upcoming actions - the part where you get to take part.
4) New music from Honeyfeet. You saw them at the Manchester rally with Billy Brag and loved them. They loved you too so they're giving you a song if you've signed up to support the show via Patreon.

Osbourne Refuses To Shield Child Benefit

GEORGE OSBORNE came under increasing pressure yesterday to spell out where he plans to cut £12 billion from welfare after he dodged ­commitments to protect child benefit.

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NUT conference backs People's Assembly demonstration 20 June


National Union of Teachers commits to defend education against waves of cuts by backing demo, calling industrial action up to and including national strike action. By teacher Andrew Baisley.

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Another victory for Fife People's Assembly!

Another victory for Fife People's Assembly as Fife Council pass a motion against benefit sanctions.

Further to the demonstration held on the national day of action against sanctions by Fife People’s Assembly and Unite the Union,  Fife Council have passed a motion condemning and calling for an end to the current Benefit Sanctions regime.

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Report: public ownership of the railways April fools day protests

Waterloo-all.jpgOn 31 March and 1 April 2015 supporters of nationalisation of the railways organised leafleting and protests at 100 train stations across the country

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A War on Words: Why we need to keep Creative Writing A Level alive

Katherine Clements, critically acclaimed author of The Crimson Ribbon, argues to save creative writing to continue giving students confidence to express themselves. 

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