The Spiritual Opposition to the Cuts

food-bank.jpgA standard response to anyone who is religious is to assume that they are misguided or deluded. In the same way many religious people see those who are not as being without beliefs or values. But it is important to remember that religious or spiritual people can express and protest: their spirit is in the spiritless situation and it is this experience that can make them act.

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Hands off Our Unions - Support the National Gallery strike

mark_serwotka.jpgSupport the National Gallery strikers and sacked PCS rep Candy Udwin. Join the Trafalgar Square protest on Saturday 30 May

PCS is in dispute with the National Gallery over their proposals to privatise 400 of the 600 staff who work there. The first act of the National Gallery management, following the election is to sack one of our senior reps. This is a direct attack on our union and we will fight it every step of the way.

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Tories represent a minority - Austerity is massively unpopular

The Tory party achieved a remarkable parliamentary success in the 2015 election, but there was a massive swing in the popular vote against austerity policies.

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Thousands protest austerity in Bristol

10060329-large.jpgThousands of people flooded the streets of Bristol in an anti-austerity demonstration which was organised by a group of young, determined women.

A group of seven teenagers organised the march, which opposed the Government's austerity measures, on social media.

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Six reasons you don’t want to be George Osborne right now

_zx_475_zy_285.pngGeorge Osborne is back as Chancellor of the Exchequer. But he’s inherited something of an economic mess from the last government. Here are the top six reasons he faces a tough task ahead:

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7 reasons to demonstrate on 20 June

7-Reasons.jpgEnd Austerity Now National Demonstration
Assemble 12pm, Sat 20 June, Bank of England (more details to follow)

Reason 1 - The government plans £12 billion in welfare cuts targeting the poorest in society.

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Six weeks to the biggest demonstration in years

In the last few days, we've seen a staggering 45,000 people pledge to take to the streets on June 20 and tell the new government to End Austerity Now. With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect - more destructive cuts, and more attacks on our communities. 

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