Time to act- Save Our NHS Bursaries - By Helen Corry

I am a second year adult nursing student who, like many others, was shocked and saddened by the news of the proposed NHS bursary cuts. I chose to pursue a career in nursing at the age of twenty seven and left full time work to complete an access course before progressing to study at university. I rely heavily on my bursary and still have to take out a maintenance loan to support myself.

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A Free Housing Market at a Price - by Tom Bailey

As I write this I’m sat in London, in a £6500 a year off-the-books bedsit-box-room with mice and damp that I pay for in cash. And after a £400 deposit and no receipt, I feel I’m earning my stripes for the financially fucked generation of Britons aptly dubbed; ‘generation rent’.  Like many 20-somethings around the country, 50 years of service… at minimum wage… for a borrowed bedsit, isn’t much of an incentive for me to play my part in your ‘Big Society’.

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Tories slammed for 'appalling' decision to push through crucial housing law at 3am

Labour blasted the decision to rush through a six-hour debate on the Housing Bill - which includes plans to end lifelong council tenancies

Housing stock pictures....House, rooftops, home, for sale

Crucial: The law includes 'affordable' homes costing £450,000

The Tories have been slammed for an "appalling" decision to push through key stages of a housing law at 3am.

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Fat Cat Tuesday: Britain's top bosses 'earn average UK annual salary in 22 hours of work'

By 6pm on Tuesday, Britain’s top bosses will have earned more than the average UK worker gets in an entire year, new calculations from the High Pay Centre think-tank suggest.


The findings draw attention to the vast and growing gulf between the privileged top one per cent of earners and the rest of us.


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New junior doctors' strike WILL go ahead after crunch talks with NHS break down

Tens of thousands of junior doctors will stage their first strike in 40 years after crunch talks broke down.

Medics confirmed today they will go on three times including next Tuesday, January 12, over new contracts for Jeremy Hunt's 7-day NHS.

Striking doctors will provide emergency care only for 24 hours from 8am, followed by another 48-hour period of emergency care only from 8am on Tuesday, January 26.

A full strike involving all doctors will then take place from 8am to 5pm on Wednesday, February 10 unless the crisis is resolved.

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Student Nurses next to take on Government over cuts to bursaries

Proposed changes to NHS student funding will mean students could be burdened with up to £65,000 of debt. Under the present system, a bursary allows those without financial means to go on to study and thrive as nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. 

Education should be free for all, with grants to cover the cost of living. The proposed removal of NHS student grants in healthcare marks the death of state support for further education students.

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Stunning breakthrough for Podemos as left surge sweeps Spain by Alastair Stephens

As the exit polls flashed up on the screen the crowd at the Podemos election night gathering broke out in shouts of "remontada" "the come back". Surely Podemos supporters were thinking or shouting the same thing. The polls had not looked good for them at the start of the campaign. The final result was a stunning surge which, brought Podemos in third, only 1.5 points behind the Socialist Party (PSOE)


It is the Socialists worst result since the restoration of democracy in 1977. They have paid a heavy price for their acceptance of the politics of austerity.


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