NHS Crisis - Dangerous bed shortages & rationing of operations

The NHS crisis may not be hitting the headlines as it did last month but that does not mean it is over. In fact all the indicators reveal a deepening and progressive crisis across all aspects of health care. 
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Jeremy Corbyn to join biggest NHS protest yet

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged "everyone who cares for our NHS" to join him at a major demonstration in London next month.

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Why the People's Assembly should Stand up to Trump

DONALD TRUMP’S rise to power has struck a nerve. Perhaps it’s something to do with the man himself, an outrageous narcissist, sexist, racist and bully, Trump is certainly one of the most vile individuals imaginable.

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Scrap Trump's State Visit Statement

Scrap Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain

Mass organisations from across society formed the Stand Up to Trump Committee on Friday 10 February 2017, in order to build maximum unity to stand up to the very real threat posed by the Trump's administration.

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Trump Visit Statement

The invitation to Donald Trump by Theresa May to make a State Visit to the UK is an endorsement of the vicious anti working class, racist, sexist, war mongering policies of the new American President.

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NHS: a manufactured crisis

We must mobilise against the biggest threat to our healthcare service in history, writes Nurse Danielle Tiplady.

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The post-Brexit debate has already begun, it's just the media doesn't report it

The EU referendum has created a huge political crisis, not least because the Tories have absolutely no idea how to resolve the mess they created.

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