8th of July National Day of Protest- Live Blog

11665581_916577031743521_1511856533578671756_n.jpgHello! Welcome to the People's Assembly live blog here to document the national day of action in protest against Osborne's Emergency Budget.

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Author of the Freedom of Information request into benefit deaths explains the horror of the 'Work Capability Assessment'

Atos-protest-008.jpgIt comes as a bit of a shock to realise that people are dying because of government policy. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in. I'm sure that's what happened in any country when government policy causes deaths.

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A letter to Norfolk County Council: 'We should be educating all our children'

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a volunteer with Norfolk SEND Partnership, and have been for the last seventeen years. I work mostly in the west of the Norfolk region.

I work with parents of children with Special Educational Needs, and as such many of these children cannot cope with mainstream school environments. They are either permanently excluded or simply refuse to attend school.

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Our strategy is about ordinary people - The People's Assembly replies to Aaronovitch

On Thursday, 25 June 2015, The Times published an article by David Aaronovitch claiming "anti-austerity groupies aren't helping anyone". 

Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People's Assembly gives his response: 

David Aaronovitch claims the organisers of the anti-austerity protests don't care about the victims of austerity. He seems more concerned about my personal appearance and the way I deliver a speech. This is irrelevant to the argument and suggests to me David hasn't got a coherent one himself. 

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Why Britain's Anti-Austerity Protests Must Go On

nme-logo.jpgThe People's Assembly was featured in NME. We've gotten too big to ignore!

After last Saturday's protests against Tory cuts in London, supported by everyone from Super Furry Animals and Primal Scream to Charlotte Church, what now? Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of The People's Assembly, explains why the protests need to continue...

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Protest Not Your Thing? Think Again

JS63356986.jpgSaturday’s march and demo has the power to unite us, but only if we reach out as never before to those outside left-wing circles. Preaching to the converted is not an option, believes Rev Mike Walsh.

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Local Organisation and Participation is Crucial for Anti-Austerity Fight

One month down, 59 to go. That month went quite quickly, right? I mean, the Queen’s Speech set the tone for a miserable five years, but we’re closer than ever to the next election. Only 1789 days left, probably.

It’s not enough to simply wish the time away: 59 months of thumb-twiddling effectively allows the government to implement any policy they like, unchallenged. Now, as much as we ever have, we need passion, not passivity. We need to demonstrate, not procrastinate; to analyse and organise.

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