Burton buckling under strain of austerity

Eight years of Austerity has hit the small town of Burton-Upon-Trent hard with more people now feeling its effects in a town where mainstream politics can sometimes feel like it’s passed us by Writes William Walker - Secretary East Staffordshire Trades Union Council 


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The Tory magic trick: wages rise but you end up poorer

The Tories and the mainstream media are busy trumpeting the good news: a record increase in wages. Yes, wages jumped 3.1 percent in the three months to August, the 'highest rate since the financial crash' crowed the Financial Times.
The news was so uplifting that the value of sterling rose as a result.
But don't go ordering the Prosecco just yet... Writes John Rees



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Universal Tory lies over universal credit

One of the great lies of current politics is that no one will be worse off under the new universal credit scheme.
The minister responsible, Esther McVile, has made this claim repeatedly. It has now been exposed beyond all doubt as completely untrue writes John Rees 


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Britain is Broken - We can't afford the Tories

Far from Theresa May's claims at the Tory party conference today, austerity isn’t over. In fact it’s getting worse and it’s about to get much worse writes John Rees



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Why you should join the big march and celebration June 30

As the NHS approaches its 70th birthday on July 5, there is plenty for us to celebrate and defend.  

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Protestival: Eastbourne activists & the power of culture and protest

On 7 April Eastbourne People's Assembly presented Protestival, an event, which explored and celebrated ways to engage new people into activism and action using creative arts but also to nourish and maintain enthusiasm amongst campaigners.

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Hammond ‘cut off from reality’ while public services face record crisis

Chancellor claims ‘light at end of the tunnel’ in Spring Statement


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