The Hidden Threat of the TTIP deal

JOHN HILARY of War on Want raises the alarm on the secret EU-US negotiations that threaten jobs, the NHS and democracy itself.

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Press Release: 999 People's March to Save NHS joins with People's Assembly

The People's March has joined with the People's Assembly Against Austerity. Read all about it here...

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The Rich Get All The Gravy, And That's Why We March

The maths of austerity are simply pushing wealth to the top of the tree, economic consultant Michael Burke finds. 

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Cut War Not Welfare

Lindsey German, Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, explains why she is marching on 21 June to demand the alternative to policies of war and austerity.

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Proud of the NHS? Then fight for it!

Bronwen Handyside, of Keep our NHS Public and Unite, explains how private companies have their greedy fingers in our public health service - and how only by working together can we drive them off.

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March for the 99% and Defy the 1% by John Weeks

Why should people march on 21 June in protest against austerity?  There is a government budget deficit - don't we have to do something about that? Isn't opposition to austerity policies just putting your head into the sand and ignoring the problem we all face?

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Building the 21 June demo locally

10 point plan for building the June 21 national demonstration
#NoMoreAusterity #DemandTheAlternative
In just a few weeks, the People’s Assembly against Austerity – Britain’s fastest growing grassroots movement – gathers for its first national demonstration in London. 
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