Not if, but when‏ - the next crisis approaches

James Meadway: reports from the last few weeks say that the world economy is on course for another financial crisis - with Britain dangerously exposed.

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Victory for Southbank Undercroft Skatepark

Last Thursday, a deal guaranteeing the long term future of the world famous Southbank Undercroft was signed.

It was the high point of the community-run Long Live Southbank campaign and ended Southbank Centre’s plans to replace the world famous skateboarding spot with more coffee shops and restaurants.

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Social Housing! Not Social Cleansing!

The Focus E15 Mothers and Residents, a housing campaign based out of Newham, East London, have gone into occupation of an empty block of flats on the Carpenters Estate and turned it into a vibrant, politically charged social centre.

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We Have to Step Up the Fight on Pay

In the latest edition of Fightback, Richard Lynch looks at the facts behind pay in Britain, inflation, jobs, rail fares and more as we head towards the TUC Britain Needs a Pay Rise demo on 18 October 2014. 

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Firefighters' "Ring of Fire" Tour

The Fire Brigades Union has announced a nationwide “Ring of Fire” tour of the UK to highlight the devastating impact the government’s austerity agenda is having on the fire and rescue service.

Check for an event near you!

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Defending our NHS, investing in our health

The final leg of the 999 March for the NHS reaches London on Saturday September 6 and all supporters of the People’s Assembly who can make it are urged to attend. The march has been a great initiative, retracing the steps of the Jarrow marchers of the 1930s as people throughout Britain expressed their determination to defend the NHS.

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Join the London Climate march - 21 September

The climate challenge is often side-lined, by some of the more immediate and practical problems facing the anti-austerity movement. It remains that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from around 280ppm (parts per million) in the last two hundred years to a record 400ppm, concentrations not seen on earth for about 3 million years. We cannot ignore  UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, when he says that climate change is the “greatest collective challenge facing humankind today”

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