WATCH LIVE: Public meeting with Yanis Varoufakis

Live stream of the People's Assembly public meeting with Yanis Varoufakis, Diane Abbott MP, James Meadway.

From 7pm, Monday 14 September, Emmanuel Centre, London

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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn - Next stop Manchester

What a fantastic weekend! The People's Assembly would like to send congratulations to our friend Jeremy Corbyn for his victory on Saturday.

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Refugees Must be Welcome

Another day and another set of haunting images reach our screens and front pages of refugees and migrants fighting for their lives across Europe.

The world watches in horror at the rising number of those who don’t make it to safety. The tragedy of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, his older brother Galip and their mother Rihan – drowned - as they attempt to find sanctuary should be a wake-up call for coordinated action across the European Union to end the crisis. But not for our government.

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Tories have blood on their hands: Refugee Crisis & Benefit Deaths | Newsletter 2 Sep

blood_hands.jpgIn the last couple of weeks the Government's attitude towards ordinary people couldn't have been clearer...

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China Stock Market Crash. What are the implications?

The big crash, or a dress rehearsal for the next big one?


Playing word association, one easy response to the phrase ‘stock market’ is ‘crash’. Stock markets frequently crash because they are not barometers of economic health but are really a measure of how much the financial sector thinks it can skim off the rest of society at any given time. As a result, they subsist on fear and greed.

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WOWCampaign Launches New Petition

The WOWcampaign today launches a new e-petition to remind the Government that they have failed to honour the parliamentary motion in support of the WOWpetition. 


Today Ian Duncan Smith has announced his intention to get 1 million off ESA.

"Too many sick and disabled people have been left ‘languishing in a life without work, when work is actually possible for them’...

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Democracy and Education Under Attack

B_UxXXEWsAAIVrc.jpg-large.jpegMichael Gove, his replacement Nicky Morgan and Labour’s Andrew Adonis have claimed for nearly 10 years that converting schools to academies drives up standards. Earlier this summer, the Education and Adoption Bill began its passage through Parliament. According to Nicky Morgan, the Bill will target ‘coasting schools’ and identify any that are ‘failing to push every child to reach their potential’. 

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