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Louise Guthrie writes... 

“Say no to austerity! Protest against the cuts!”  – These are the words I find myself hollering down the middle of Brick Lane on a balmy and tranquil Sunday afternoon. What is going on?

Not that Brick Lane is an unusual place for me to be hanging out, particularly on market day. But normally I’d be quietly buying fruit and veg, or queueing for a salt-beef beigel (with English mustard) and a cup of stewed and frothy tea at the renowned Jewish bakery on the corner.


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Under this Government, Justice Belongs to Those Who Can Afford It

legal-aid-protests.jpgThe crime and justice arena has had a hard time over the past few years. Despite not being a qualified lawyer, former Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling made sweeping and dramatic changes to the legal system, usually against the advice of those with criminal and legal expertise. 

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20 June - A day for everyone against austerity

11258210_888000011267890_867262245745551635_n.jpgWe are really excited and looking forward to this Demo. It will be an almighty show of strength. Everyone is welcome and this Demo, as always, will be family friendly, despite what you may read in the Daily Mail.

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We are not in this together: Welfare cuts will hit the most vulnerable hardest

benefit-changes.jpgThe country faces a punishing new round of welfare cuts. We probably won’t know exactly how the Tories will take their pound of flesh from society’s most vulnerable until the autumn. This uncertainty is itself a huge cause of stress and anxiety for millions of people who rely on government help to feed their families and pay their bills.  

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How to run a street stall

11127755_10155548135325007_6029522703245841051_n.jpgSure, people were down about the election result, but you'd be amazed at how building the End Austerity Now demo cut across that. Things started relatively modestly with 6 people out at a stall in Wood Green on Saturday morning, but after we decided to step things up and go for a street stall in Camden the following afternoon things really took off.

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5 more reasons to march with the People's Assemby on 20 June

top-5-reasons-for-a-wall-coating.jpg1. It’s the first nationwide response to the election

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The Spiritual Opposition to the Cuts

food-bank.jpgA standard response to anyone who is religious is to assume that they are misguided or deluded. In the same way many religious people see those who are not as being without beliefs or values. But it is important to remember that religious or spiritual people can express and protest: their spirit is in the spiritless situation and it is this experience that can make them act.

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