This is the moment to say we want Trident scrapped

timthumb.php.pngWE’RE heading into another five years of Tory cuts. No doubt we’ll hear the same tired old lie — there isn’t enough money to go round. But when it comes to nuclear weapons and war they can always find the cash because the reality is there’s plenty of money — it’s a question of who is making the decisions about what it is spent on.

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Press conference: Charlotte Church to join People's Assembly 20 June demo

The People’s Assembly held a Press Conference last Thursday (4th June) for the 20 June national demonstration.


Speaking on the panel were: Rachel Maskell - Newly elected Labour MP for York Central, Steve Turner - Assistant General Secretary, Unite the Union, Sam Fairbairn - National Secretary, The People's Assembly, Charlotte Church - Singer and Activist and Amelia Womack - Deputy leader of the Green Party.

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Milton Keynes Group opens with a packed meeting

10206177-large.jpgThe main hall and galleries of The Church of Christ the Cornerstone were packed for tonight's Milton Keynes Against the Cuts meeting (Wednesday June 3).


The audience continued to cheer throughout the speeches from political commentator and Guardian columnist Owen Jones, Chrsitine Blower, secretary of the National Union of Teachers and Sam Fairbain, national secretary of The People's Assembly.

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Action Updates From Birmingham People's Assembly

P1070643.jpgOur build up to the June 20th demo has been both loud and vibrant, with two events in the last week in Birmingham city centre. On Wednesday May 27th, a large crowd met at 5.30pm, following the Queens Speech. 

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Crowds protest the Queen's Speech at Downing Street

11350536_894347993966425_3901040554970998738_n.jpgNew People's Assembly volunteer, Michael Gilbert, reports on his experience at the protest of the Queens Speech.

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Disability Cuts: Tory brutality in full swing

hardesthit_banner_g_w-1.jpgIn the aftermath of the Tory win, as the dust settles despondently on Westminster, Britain’s future landscape is beginning to emerge from the foggy vagaries of election promises.

While the founding pillars of British society – family, community, industry and education – buckle ever further under the strain of government policies, the familiar shadow of austerity looms over us all, darkening the lives of those already stuck in the shade.

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Ripe for a change? Get involved in a street stall near you!

Louise Guthrie writes... 

“Say no to austerity! Protest against the cuts!”  – These are the words I find myself hollering down the middle of Brick Lane on a balmy and tranquil Sunday afternoon. What is going on?

Not that Brick Lane is an unusual place for me to be hanging out, particularly on market day. But normally I’d be quietly buying fruit and veg, or queueing for a salt-beef beigel (with English mustard) and a cup of stewed and frothy tea at the renowned Jewish bakery on the corner.


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