Save the Independent Living Fund #saveILF

The campaign to save the Independent Living Fund is at a critical stage as the political parties gear up for the general election. Nearly 18,000 severely disabled people rely on the fund for dignity and choice in everyday life rather than being forced into care homes or effectively imprisoned in their own homes.

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Five-day strike at National Gallery

PCS members working in the National Gallery have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action over plans to hand all visitor services to a private company and are set for five days of strike action.

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NHS means British healthcare rated top out of 11 western countries, with US coming last

Britain’s healthcare has been lauded as the best out of 11 of the world’s wealthiest countries, following a far-reaching study by a US-based foundation.

In a report entitled “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” the quality, efficiency, cost and performance of the US health system was compared to Canada and nine other countries in Europe and Australasia.

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A big THANK YOU for helping us defend our contracts and our students’ education

Dear Colleagues

lambethpicket_20150115_full.jpgAfter 42 days of strike action Lambeth College UCU have voted to go back to work after management finally made us an offer that was acceptable.  We took strike action to stop a new, draconian contract being imposed on existing members of staff and new starters.  Thanks to the determination of our branch, we have ensured that 430 out of 530 staff can now go into work knowing that their terms and conditions are fully protected. 

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The Greek people have chosen hope Open Letter to The Guardian

The new government being formed in Greece places people at the heart of its programme of change. The crippling bailout package imposed through the EU/IMF memorandum has created huge increases in unemployment – especially for the young. There is a consequent loss of health insurance and therefore access to health services for nearly one in five, as well as severe homelessness and energy disconnections.

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Housing crisis is "Social cleansing"

WATCH the first instalment of our 20 part mini-episode from our People's Question Time event in London. The first timely one released in advance of the #MarchForHomes Demo on 31st Jan.

Housing crisis is "Social cleansing" says John Rees:

The Carnival of Incompetence - NHS Privatization


The carnival of incompetence- why nobody actually knows how to privatise the NHS but are doing it anyway

William Goldman, the famous Hollywood screenwriter once said about motion pictures, that ‘nobody knows anything’. That ultimately nobody in the entire motion picture field actually has any idea whether a film is going to work or not. I’m pretty sure that if Goldman had watched the calamitous privatisation of our NHS in recent months he’d have been struck by a rich similarity between the Hollywood studios and our own embattled NHS.

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