Kirkcaldy Protesters Push for an End to Benefit Sanctions

Fifers called for an end to benefit sanctions during a national day of action, claiming people were losing their income for being minutes late for appointments.

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Occupation at University of the Arts, London

Anastazja Oppenheim reports -This week we’ve learned that, without any consultations with students or trade unions, the management of University of the Arts London decided to cut over 800 places on our Further Education courses. Dozens of staff woke up on Monday to an email informing them that they’re at risk of redundancy. Students and sabbs were quick to react – on Thursday, we started an open-ended occupation, taking over management rooms at Central Saint Martins (King’s Cross)


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Solidarity With Occupy LSE – Yes To Free, Ethical Education!

The Student Assembly Against Austerity sends warm solidarity greetings to the LSE student occupiers, who are occupying a meeting room of the university administration to demand a change to the current university system and as a contribution to the national campaign for free education which has gone from strength to strength over the past year.

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Russell Brand Sleeps over at Sweetsway protest

The Sweetsway estate was bursting with community spirit last night. Residents of the estate and hundreds of supporters gathered around a bonfire chatting.

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Budget 2015: beyond the headlines (and something you won’t see)

Chancellor George Osborne tomorrow presents his final Budget of the current parliament.

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Government Silencing - piling still more on the gagging law

Absolute power - the Tories are Gagging for it. Episode 2 of our podcast is out, and you can listen below.


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Government Aims to Bust Unions and Silence Prominent Critics of Austerity

A new article by Mark Serwotka for the Centre for Labour and Social Studies outlines governments plans to launch an ideological attack on a TUC-affiliated union, PCS, and use the state as a union buster. 

You can take take part in the campaign against this new tactic by writing to your MP. Please sign the e-action.

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