Demand the alternative: six things you can do today

The People's Assembly is organising a national demonstration and free festival on Saturday 21 June. Help make it massive!

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"Shrewsbury Bishop backs calls for Robin Hood tax"

The Anglican Bishop of Shrewsbury signalled his support for the introduction of a so-called “Robin Hood Tax” on financial institutions as he gave a powerful speech to an anti-austerity meeting.

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"Time to Heed the Advice of The People's Assembly"

A greater resolve is urgently required from Scottish politicians in tackling widespread social injustice, writes ELAINE SMITH

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Budget Day Protests: Live blog

Press Release: Protests to demand a People's Budget

People's Assembly Press Release
Wednesday 19 March
For immediate use

Today protests will take place across the country demanding an alternative to Osborne's austerity budget. 

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Tony Benn: Letter to the Guardian

Letter to the Guardian published 16 March 2014

Your main coverage of the death of Tony Benn (Obituary, 15 March; Michael White, 15 March) was ungenerous, and did little justice to the man who was one of the most loved political figures in Britain today.

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We're Not Just Here to Resist - The People's Assembly Can Win

"We will today commit ourselves to fight back in unity and solidarity in the movement as a whole, with the organised working class in the trade unions at the heart and head of our movement and demanding the right of workers to organise freely in those unions, opposing all current and further attempts to undermine our right to resist."

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