Protect the Right to Strike: New video clip by Keith Ewing and John Hendy

As the government attempts to rush through the unnecessary and unpopular Trade Union Bill, the IER and the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom have released a new YouTube clip and two new publications to inform the debate. In the video, Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC explain the content and expose the purpose of the Bill.

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Save Our Steel: Redcar devastated by SSI closure

Teesside People’s Assembly activists Geoff Kerr-Morgan and Steve Cooke report

The recent closure of the SSI Redcar steelworks, with the loss of nearly 2,200 jobs, came as a sudden shock to the workers and public across Teesside. The wider community responded fantastically, with two thousand, including People's Assembly activists, turning out at 24 hours' notice to support an evening protest organised by Redcar's Labour MP Anna Turley.

No sooner had it been declared that the plant was to be mothballed, it was announced the plant would be permanently closed and SSI went into liquidation. Within a few weeks, came news of further devastating redundancies across the steel industry at Scunthorpe, Motherwell, Clydebank and other towns.

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Tax Credit Cuts: We want to hear from you

We are asking as many people as possible to get in touch if you are being directly affected by cuts to Tax Credits.

Please leave a public comment below or email us at:

The Tories want to push through cuts to Tax Credits. This is something that David Cameron twice promised he would not do before the General Election. These cuts are a penalty on working people and will leave millions of families worse of.

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New analysis proves Prime Minister wrong on tax credit and ‘living wage’ claims, says TUC

New research commissioned by the TUC, and published today (Wednesday 21 October), shows that the Prime Minister is wrong to claim that low-paid workers will be compensated for tax credit cuts by changes to the minimum wage and tax allowances.

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If we don’t support the junior doctors and the NHS now, we risk losing it, says Sian Beasley

If we don’t support the junior doctors and the NHS now, we risk losing it.

My name is Sian, and I am a 29-year-old junior doctor working in the NHS. I have worked in the health service from the age of 16, firstly working as a Ward Assistant, and whilst at university as a Note Summariser for GP surgeries.

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Tories called out on tax credit scandal by their own voters

In the run up to the General Election David Cameron twice promised not to cut tax credits yet just a few months later the government has done exactly that leaving millions of the poorest families thousands of pounds worse off.

Last night on Question Time a former Tory voter called out the Energy Minister Amber Rudd on the issue who couldn't respond. Watch here:

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Protests at Tory Conference Steal Headlines

The Peoples Assembly Week of Action, where we took on the Tories for the duration of their conference, with protests, meetings, actions and cultural events was massive.

We said we would 'Take Back Manchester', we said we would offer an alternative to the Tories austerity narrative, we said we would dominate the headlines...

Take a look at the press storm we created and judge for yourselves...

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