Support the Junior Doctors Strike

A message from Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis, BMA Junior Doctors Committee, about supporting the Junior Doctors strike starting this week.

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Autumn Statement Shows Tories Are Weak Bullies

autumn_statement_nov_15.jpgOsborne’s latest autumn statement combined ferocious new austerity measures with U-turns on a series of proposed cuts, to working tax credits, to the police and to the NHS.

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Junior Doctors vote to take on Government

The People's Assembly would like to express full support to the Junior Doctors who have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action over the governments proposed changes to their contracts. The ballot result came in today with a massive 98% in favour of strike action on a 76% turnout.


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Outrage Over Tax Credit Lies

The Conservatives latest attack on ordinary people may well be the final straw for many voters, some of whom took David Cameron at his word when he promised he would not cut tax credits.

 Huge, organised opposition to austerity has made the issue impossible to ignore in both the media and in the streets across the country.

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Juniors' contract: industrial action dates set


From BMA website

Junior doctors in England will take industrial action on three dates in December — subject to the outcome of the ballot, which closes on 18 November.

The BMA has taken the extraordinary step of announcing the proposed dates, times and type of action, ahead of the close of the ballot next Wednesday, to minimise the impact on patients and fellow doctors, and allow employers time to prepare.

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Protest the Autumn Statement- Tories can be defeated! By Michael Burke

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is holding a protest march to Downing Street on November 24, the eve of Osborne’s latest Autumn Statement. It should be strongly supported by all those who are opposed to further cuts and falls in living standards imposed by the Tory Government.
The spin after the last election was that the Tories were reasonable (‘One Nation’), that they were popular, and that they were unassailable. It was a many-sided version of the old lie TINA, There Is No Alternative.
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“The Government’s response to the WOWpetition can only be described as inadequate.”

Since 2012 nearly 200,000 signatures have been collected by 3 e-petitions that challenge the Government to demonstrate a duty of care towards sick and disabled people by assessing the cumulative impact on this group of the swathes of cuts inflicted on them by Government policies on Health, Social Care and Welfare.

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